Studer Innotec offers 10-year product warranty


As of June 20, 2018, Studer Innotec SA, Swiss manufacturer of power electronics, offers a 5-year extension on its 5‑year product warranty, for a total of 10 years.

This warranty extension is free of charge with product registration within 90 days of sale and is available for Studer's AJ inverters, Xtender inverter/chargers and Vario MPPT solar charge controllers.

The company’s solid reputation, built on the robustness and reliability of its products, is further confirmed by this extended warranty.

“For over 30 years Studer has provided reliable products for challenging applications”, says Matt Anderson, managing director of Studer Innotec. “With this extended warranty we make a clear statement on the quality and longevity of our products, which is an important factor in all the battery based power applications that our products are used for.”