SUMEC ENERGY will bring Phono Solar high-efficiency modules and intelligent household products to SPI in USA


From September 11 to 13, 2017, Solar Power International (Hereinafter referred to as SPI) will be started in Las Vagas, USA. As the leader and promoter of the globally leading clean energy application system, SUMEC ENERGY will take along Phono Solar high-performance PV module such as narrow frame double glass module,  Nano-Texturing module, MWT module and etc. and intelligent household products to be formally exhibited there.

Cosponsored by Solar Electric Power Association and Solar Energy Industries Association, SPI is the largest solar energy PV event in the North American area. So far, the exhibition has become the platform for famous solar energy enterprises throughout USA and even around the world to demonstrate new technologies, new products and new ideas, especially the forward position for PV enterprises from various countries globally to expand market in North America.

With the development of the PV industry to this day, the focus of attention in the industry has been transferred to high reliability and high durability of modules from high efficiency of modules in order to realize the maximization of asset income of power station projects within 25-year operation. As a China central-governmental  enterprise with brand accumulation for nearly 40 years, SUMEC ENERGY consistently holds the view that to handle an enterprise, especially a PV enterprise, it is required to “make friends with time”, that is, through“the spirit of craftsmenship”, make technical accumulation continuously; inherit the philosophy “make steady operation and achieve great goal”, continously accumulate operation ability, and make the idea run through every detail in enterprise development.

At SPI to be exhibited, SUMEC ENERGY will introduce its Phono Solar brand latest double glass module products equipped with narrow frame. As is known to all, depending on numerous advantages such as super high PID resistance performance, excellent subfissure resistance perfomance, high power generation and low attenuation performance, very nice“appearance” and etc., double glass modules have attracted a lot of power station investors.

However, in the process of actual operation, engineers of Phono Solar found that double class modules with multiple advantages still have “defects” at application terminal. Although the special no-frame structure is nice, there is great difficulty in installation. This brings some trouble to power station projects in the installation of double glass modules and maintenance at later stage. In view of this, Phono Solar introduces double glass modules with narrow frame at proper time. With several advantages including no deformation, no weight increment, easiness in installation and etc., it will offer assistance for investors in realizing long-term reliable operation of their power station assets.

Meanwhile, Nano-Texturing technology developed by the technical team of Phono Solar painstakingly that has obtained patent protection has been successfully put into commercialized mass production. Nano-Texturing series modules in which such technology is applied will also be on show amazingly durign SPI. Such technology owns the globally exclusive “diamond” shape nano light trapping pits, which can effectively utilize scattering sunshine at dawn and dusk.

At present, Nano-Texturing series modules have been put into mass production in June this year. Under the circumstance that cost remains unchanged, extra 3% electricity (absolute value) will be generated compared to conventional module. At the end of this year and the beginning of the next year, Phono Solar will make mass production of Nano-Texturing+MWT modules (Nano+MWT series). Such series modules integrate two kinds of technologies to improve cell efficiency, and have the effect of 1+1>2.

At the power generation side, SUMEC ENERGY promotes continuous renovation of its own high-efficiency PV power generation technology through technology R&D and industrial integration, obtains good feedback and sales achievements in the industry globally for this reason. “However, we are also thinking about how to closely associate the power generation side with the power utilization side, so that we can provide a complete set of solutions to the PV power generation system for customers, and complete closed loop from the power generation side to the power utilization side. At SPI, we will demonstrate our new concept to the whole world.” Mr. Alex Levran, President & CEO of SUMEC North America, gave such explanation in terms of new thoughts and new ideas of SUMEC ENERGY at the fair.

Aiming at the home furnishing market in North America, SUMEC ENERGY will rely on its huge advantages in manufacturing technologies to bring out a complete set of solutions to smart home, including LED smart lamps and smart television. At that time, users can not only obtain clean and high-efficiency green electric energy through Phono Solar PV power generation system, but also get high-efficiency configuration of electric energy with the help of customized schemes about smart home provided by SUMEC ENERGY, and have perfect green life accordingly.

Besides, Cai Jibo, CEO of SUMEC Group, the parent company of SUMEC ENERGY will also attend ”SOLAR FUTURE.TODAY, the WORLD Solar & Cleantech Influencers FORUM” held on September 10, and participate in dialogue in terms of the topic “Paving the Way for the World 4.0. – STOP Linear thinking Solar Guys”. SUMEC ENERGY sincerely invites you to come to No. 3363 Booth to seek extraordinary experience together with us.