Sungrow: Forging Ahead on a Journey of Sustainability


Sustainability is the strongest core value

As a member of RE100, Sungrow is very adamant that sustainability is its strongest core value and pledges to source 100% renewable electricity across its entire global operations by 2028.

“Less talk, more action. We want to get it done while minimizing our environmental footprint,” commented Hank Wang, Head of Sungrow Americas in an executive interview with the Climate Group.

With this ambitious, yet consistent goal, Sungrow has supplied a multitude of solar and storage projects throughout the past 24 years. As of June 2021, its deployments surpassed 182 GW — a number equivalent to generating around 257,300 GWh of clean electricity per year and eliminating 205.8 million tons of carbon dioxide.

Scaling climate actions with technical innovation

None of Sungrow’s achievements could be made without consistent focus on technical innovation.

Sungrow maintains a large proportion of R&D investment and boasts the industry’s largest R&D team with R&D staff accounting for over 40% of the total, and having applied for more than 3,100 worldwide patents. With keen R&D efforts in both domestic and foreign markets, Sungrow proves itself as a true model of a multinational matrix of innovation and business.

“We really live by that strategy, and we’re providing our customers and partners with state-of-the-art solar and storage product portfolios. In doing so, we’re ensuring the electric system remains reliable and resilient in order to build equitable and affordable clean energy. Notably, more climate action can always be taken,” Wang added.

Leveraging strengths to drive decarbonization

Focusing on renewable energy technologies, Sungrow takes PV and energy storage as its core businesses. The company continues to pioneer in other relevant verticals including wind power, hydrogen, EV charging pile, and more.

Sungrow is poised to leverage its comprehensive strengths to pave the way toward a net-zero carbon future. For instance, it’s contributing to ‘solar+storage+EV charge pile’ solution as this demand increases in some countries as a result of successful PV and EV initiatives. Undoubtedly, the hybrid landmark projects it supplied can prove valuable in experience to the strengthening market and further fulfill Sungrow’s mission of “Clean power for all”.