Sunova Supplies 590 W panels to Europe and America


In the past few months, Sunova’s Sol series module products were granted with certificates from several important international certification institutes including TÜV Rheinland, INMETRO, and FIDE. The certificates covered two major types of Sol series, including 144 half-cell module with power output of 550W, and 590W which is made up of 156 half-cell.

The three qualifications are not only a guarantee for the Sol series module to enter into more markets, but also a proof for the specification, reliability, and safety of its advanced module products. Sunova has proved as a qualified module supplier and will provide more competitive module products with high power output to Europe and American markets.

Before the Chinese New Year of 2021, the first shipment of Sunova Sol series module has been delivered to the above mentioned international markets successfully and gained praises from local customers including investors, distributors and end users.

Sunova’s 182mm wafer based large power module has utilized multiple cell and module technologies. With deeply optimized module layout design, the gaps between cells are minimized and effective power generation area is significantly increased. With the benefit of large size 182mm mono-crystalline wafer and higher density layout, Sol series 156 half-cell modules can achieve a maximum power output of up to 590W, with the module efficiency of 21.12%.

Shipment of Sol Series Module to Overseas Market

“Our design purpose is to produce PV module products which with high efficiency, high power, high stability and high output. Besides the 182mm wafer, we utilized half-cut tech to ensure high power output, we chose the best film to secure encapsulation for high PID resistance, and we used special cutting and soldering tech to reduce hot spot risk. I can say the Sol series module achieved our purpose and is a proof of our efforts.” Said with pride by Shin Pan, the CEO of Sunova Solar.

“Furthermore, our team is working closely with our customers and help them to solve all questions and problems in installation, transportation, system matching, daily plant operation and maintenance, and etc., to help them achieve their investment goals.” Added by Pan.