Supplier directory added to SolarPanelStock


In concert with eSoftware Solutions, DeValk EurAsian BV developed this website as an answer to this question of many PV professionals:
“For my project I need <quantity…> solar panels of this power and type, and I need them fast, where are they?”

SolarPanelStock is a simple and easy to use website, for the ‘searchers’ as well as for the suppliers who don’t want to spend too much extra time maintaining the data.

After registration the suppliers can enter their company data and the panel and stock data.

The users can search on brand, panel power, type and location (region or country), where panel type and region are mandatory.

“Which suppliers have brand X mono 280 panels in Egypt?”
“Which poly panels are somewhere in Europe?”

Many suppliers know the problem that they have panels in their warehouses but only few people know of their panels or even of their existence. Especially for the lesser-known suppliers it is difficult to reach the possible buyers. With this website they will not only make their products known, but also themselves.

The new directory will show all suppliers with solar panels in a specified region.

SolarPanelStock is not a web shop but purely an informational platform. Suppliers can be contacted directly for more information and further business.

Companies worldwide can easily register (2-minutes: supply company data and enter 1 panel) and start using the website. Of course it will take some time for the database to fill up but in a couple of months SolarPanelStock will be fully operational.

For more information the SolarPanelStockteam can be contacted at: