Taiwan’s largest government energy storage system supplied by Fluence in partnership with TECO starts operation


Located at the Taoyuan Longtan ultra-high voltage substation, the energy storage system was supplied by Fluence in partnership with TECO Electric & Machinery Co. (TECO).

The Longtan energy storage system is currently Taipower’s largest storage project in Taiwan, with an installed capacity equivalent to the average daily electricity consumption of nearly 8,000 households. The project accounts for 37.5 percent of Taipower’s storage capacity and serves as a significant milestone for Taiwan’s net-zero transformation.

“Fluence has more than 15 years of experience in designing, engineering, and delivering large-scale energy storage systems globally. We are very honored to deepen and expand our long-term partnership with TECO through our cross-regional team and technology collaboration,” said Jan Teichmann, SVP & President APAC at Fluence. “Leveraging the global experience and advanced technology of the Fluence team, combined with TECO's expertise in large-scale energy storage system construction, we have jointly delivered Taiwan’s largest government energy storage project with proven technology and superior services that exceeded Taipower’s technical requirement. It further demonstrates our long-term commitment to Taiwan's energy transition.”

Taipower’s energy storage system at Longtan, Taoyuan is a key project for the Taiwan government. In the future, when a large amount of offshore wind power is connected to the Taipower system, energy storage systems will play a key role in stabilizing the power grid.

Safety is a core element of Fluence's business. With more than 7 GW of energy storage systems contracted and deployed in 47 markets, the Fluence fleet has delivered grid services with a strong safety record around the globe. Fluence's industry-leading technology development ensures that safety measures cover every stage of the energy storage system lifecycle to maximize the protection of people and assets.

“Looking ahead, Fluence will continue to work with local partners to expand energy storage business opportunities in Taiwan,” said Teichmann. “Energy storage is the key enabler that will help accelerate Taiwan's energy transformation.”