Talesun Led 315MW, the Largest PV Solar Project in Argentina Finished


Recently, news from Argentina said the largest PV solar project, the 315 MW Cauchari PV plant was finished construction on schedule and is now commissioning for the coming grid connection and operation.

The project was signed in Buenos Aires G20 Summit, 2017, under the witness of both leaders of China and Argentina, President Xi Jinping and Macri, and a new milestone of the China-Argentina Comprehensive Strategic Partnership.

Zou Xiaoli, Chinese ambassador to Argentina, sent his congratulation to the completion ceremony via a video speech and highly praised the cooperation and team work of both builders from China and Argentina. Argentina president Macri also congratulated the completion of the project through a live video link. He said with the Cauchari project, over 60,000 Argentine households will be free from lacking of electricity power and also it is the start for Jujuy Province transforming into a power province.

China based leading module maker Talesun Solar provides not only all the PV solar modules for this project and also an experienced and reliable working team for the entire on-site installation management.

The Cauchari PV plant locates in Cauchari area of Jujuy Province, the northernmost province of Argentina. With an elevation of over 4,000 and utmost dry climate, this area is with extremely abundant sunshine resources for solar energy.

Within 14 months, over 2750 cargo containers were sent from China, more than 12,000 miles away, with all the components of the plant including solar panels, inverters, racks and trackers, substation and combiners, and etc., and then land transported to this inland plateau. Field construction was moved on in a land occupation of around 8 kilometers square. Around 974,400 piece of solar panels installed on racks with 150,000 supporting pilings.

On-site condition is hard for working and living on this plateau with strong radiation, low oxygen and alpine, but both the builders and local people worked hard and were really happy for that they have done.

“Jujuy is going to sell the energy to the national government and, following this example, Jujuy is already developing small solar parks in more distant small communities throughout Puna”, Micaela Goni, general manager of Talesun Energy Argentina, branch of Talesun Solar, once told reporter from Xinhua News Agency.

Local residents are not only benefiting from the 1,500 job opportunities directly provided by the PV project, but also abundant and cheap electricity power supply when the plant into operation. And the Jujuy province may start to transform to a power province.

“This is the future. We are eliminating a good amount of polluting carbon dioxide and have to go after alternative renewable energy sources,” said Jorge Delgado, a civil engineer also involved in the project, stressed the need to move away from polluting fossil fuels and develop more clean energy. “We have the right conditions, the best conditions worldwide, and I think that is what we have to bet on for the future of our children,” he added.