Talesun Listed in Top 15 of BNEF PV Module Bankability 2020


The Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) recently released its fresh survey result which indicates the PV Module and Inverter Bankability in 2020. Talesun Solar, once again, was listed in the top 15 and stands with other top module brands as one of the best module choices for PV module users worldwide.

The module bankability which was defined by BNEF refers to the willingness of banks to provide a term loan to a solar project utilized a specific module brand. This feature will not only affect the financing cost for a PV project when in investment, but also influence any following assets management including property transaction.

Each year BNEF globally surveys participants of PV industry including banks, funds, solar engineering contractors, independent power producers and technical advisors to credit major PV module brands for their bankability. When the result’s out, those brands with higher bankability would be more popular among end users.

It is not the first time for Talesun to win a high position in the list. Although not as good as those several top Chinese PV module brands which with 100% bankability, listed in the top 15 means more than 80% professional respondents approve the overall creditability of Talesun.

Another figure also contributes the bankability of Talesun. The brand is also listed in the tier 1 photovoltaic module manufacturers’ form, and ranked top 10 if filtered with annual capacity. According to BNEF’s definition, this means the company has had scaled solar PV projects which were financed by at least six different commercial banks in past two years.

Started from Jiangsu, China, Talesun has expanded its module sales to over 50 countries around the world. In 2019, the company has shipped over 3.7 GW PV module products globally and ranks top 10 according PV Infolink report.

The creditability and reputation of Talesun brand was always treasured by the management in its market exploring, and this is why Talesun is very popular in many markets of both developed countries and emerging markets.

Just in last two months, the company has signed two heavyweight orders in two different markets. One is for contract in Poland. Talesun is working with the Alledo Parts, one of the largest distributors for solar PV products of Poland, for total capacity of 108 MW PV module order. The second contract is with Cengiz Energy of Turkey, a subsidiary of Turkey’s largest energy investment company, the Cengiz Holdings, to develop two solar PV parks in Turkey with total capacity of 130 MW, and one of which would become the largest and first hybrid power plant in Turkey.

By the end of 2020, Talesun will obtain more than 10 GW annual module capacity and as William Sheng, the president of Talesun Solar said, “Looking into the future, Talesun expects to play our role in more clean energy projects.”