Talesun Solar Aims 3 GW Mono PERC Capacity in 2019


Feb. 5th, on the very first day of China Lunar New Year of 2019, Talesun Solar started its cell lines upgrade projects of both Thailand and China factories. The current cell capacity of Talesun is 4 GW total including 1 GW in Thailand factory. The upgrade projects aim to expand the capacity of mono PERC cell to 3 GW total including the entire Thailand factory capacity by end of 2019 and this will sharply increase the proportion of mono PERC in products’ lines.

Meanwhile, in the module end, Talesun also plans of transferring the current normal lines into half-cut lines. Based on internal evaluation, 72 multi half-cut module will reach 350W and mono type will reach 390W, and this kind of half-cut modules will meet market requirements for high-power modules and be the next hot spot of PV market. With agreement outsourcing capacity of 3 GW, Talesun will have total 8 GW stable module capacity in 2019 which with a big portion of high efficiency products.

Mr. Chen Bohan, president of Talesun Solar, participated in the cell line upgrade launch ceremony on Feb 5th and made a speech. He said: “the upgrade of cell production lines will not only increase Talesun’s capacity of high efficiency products, but also improve the total production level, reduce manufacturing cost and strengthen the competitiveness of Talesun Solar in global market, especially in Europe, USA, Japan and Australia. In 2019, these markets are key markets of Talesun and high efficiency products are very popular in these markets. Talesun has a good reputation in these markets, especially ranking top 5 on module shipment in Netherland, France and Ukraine. We will continue to cooperate closely with our customers and provide them the best PV products and service.”

And Mr. Chen stated that Talesun will also keep eyes on project opportunities of PV power plants in Southeast Asia, Africa and South America to consume cell and module output. Selling of this kind of PV power plant can benefit Talesun both on modules shipment and proper selling profit.

About Talesun Solar:

Talesun Solar is a China based major PV cell and module manufacturer and also a key EPC of PV power plant. The current capacity is 4 GW for PV cell product and 5 GW for PV module. Talesun ranked No. 10 of global PV module shipment of 2018 by PV Infolink. Talesun anticipated total 6 GW PV power plants globally including the undergoing 300 MW plant in Jujuy Province, Argentina, which would be the largest PV power plant in South America.