Talesun Solar Launches Super-High Power Module up to 590W


Aug 4th, Suzhou, China, Talesun Solar, the China top-ranked solar PV module manufacturer and leading player in solar PV engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) announced to the world via an online product launch of its latest PV module products, the BISTRA PRO series, which is with power output up to 590 W at most.

The BISTRA PRO series which utilized bigger wafer with size of 182mm, include two models. The type of 72 pcs is with power output more than 545 W, and the one of 78 pcs reaches 590 W in output. Talesun said the products’ design has considered the industrial chain supporting from upstream to downstream and secured the compatibility to those from raw material supply, production process, equipment to transportation and terminal application.

A series of advanced technologies have been applied to the BISTRA PRO series. With the larger wafer size, the PV modules achieve higher power output and provide significant reduced system cost for end users. According to careful calculation based on experimental installation, the balance of system (BOS) will decrease by up to 4.4% and the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) will drop by around 3%, compared with conventional modules.

The mature multi bus bar (MBB) technology has been utilized to reduce the internal loss and crack risk. And with special designed solar cell process and optimized configuration module production, the BISTRA PRO series obtains excellent protection mechanism against the potential induced degradation (PID) phenomenon which is greatly affective to system power efficiency.

Meanwhile, Talesun has developed unique advanced control technology attached to the M10 Ga doped wafer to ensure very low LID and LeTID attenuation. The company provides guarantees for less than 2% attenuation in the first year and no more than 0.55% and 0.45% annual degradation for single-glass and dual-glass types, respectively.

To meet more and more complicated installation environment, Talesun improved the design of PV module frame structure which enhanced the loading capability of the module. The load performance on the front surface of BISTRA PRO module is up to 5400 Pa and 2400 Pa for the back side.

Mr. William Sheng, President of Talesun Solar, said:

“Talesun sees a high compatibility of BISTRA PRO series modules to current industry chain. Including production processing, equipment, packing, transportation and terminal application are all ready to go with the production of these new modules. Talesun is vigorously promoting the construction of its smart module production base locates in Shandong Province, which is with total capacity of 3 GW and compatible with the new BISTRA PRO series. The commissioning and mass production of this facility is estimated to start since Q4, 2020.”