Talesun Solar Starts Construction for New Capacity


Right after the China Lunar New Year Holiday which is traditionally treated as a true beginning of every year, Talesun Solar, a top-ranked Chinese PV module manufacturer started the construction of its planned new manufacturing base.

The new base locates in Siyang County, Suqian City, which is also in Jiangsu province and just 200 miles away from Talesun Solar’s Suzhou headquarters will contain total 5 GW solar cell capacity and also 5 GW PV panel capacity. Over 80,000 meter square existed factory, office and living buildings will be redecorated for advanced production lines.

As a major step for new capacities of both solar cell and PV panel, Talesun Solar will utilize advanced automatic intelligence production lines which are all compatible with large wafer size up to 210mm to secure future supplement and market requirement. And with a properly arranged construction process, the entire construction is estimated to finish around this July.

Major officials including Bohan Chen, vice president of Zhongli Group, the parent company of Talesun Solar, Shuguang Dong, president of Talesun Solar, president of Suqian base, and other local governmental officials participated the opening ceremony of the new construction.

“Suqian city is with very good location and infrastructure for supply chain of manufacturing of solar PV products. The new Talesun Solar’s production base with 5 GW of solar cell and 5 GW of PV panel will expand the total production capacities of Talesun Solar to fulfill growing market demand, and to provide more profitability for the company. We are very appreciating the support from local government.” said by Bohan Chen.

About Talesun Solar

Talesun Solar is one of the global top 10 photovoltaic manufacturers. It is also becoming one of China’s largest PV power station developers. Currently, Talesun Solar has a total production capacity of 6GW for solar cell and 10GW for PV module. Development of global PV projects achieved over 7.5 GW total.