Talesun Solar to Supply 130 MW to Cengiz Energy in Turkey


The China top-ranked PV module manufacturer, Talesun Solar announced days ago that the company has signed a sales agreement with Cengiz Energy, subsidiary of Cengiz Holding, one of the largest Turkey energy investment company for solar PV products for 130 MW PV module shipment for a separate 80 MW SPP + Hydroelectric Power Plant in Bingöl, Turkey as Hybrid Power Plant and 50 MW Solar Power Plant for self-consumption project in Konya, Turkey.

The solar park with total capacity of 80 MW will utilize 198,870 pcs of Talesun’s high-efficiency 144 cells module type using with half-cut technology and with power of 400 W and 405W. It will be installed next to a hydroelectric plant with an installed power of 500 MW. It is planned to be built on an area of approximately 1.200.000 m2. The whole project will provide clean power energy of 127 GWh per year and expect to reduce carbon emission by 143784,88 T annually in comparison with traditional coal power. The entire project is expected to be finished by January, 2021. It will be the largest and first hybrid power plant in Turkey.

Mr. Mustafa Eskiçırak, General Manager of Cengiz Energy, said:

“We signed an 80MW PV module agreement as the first hybrid project with Talesun Solar. We will receive the PV modules that we trust in technology and high efficiency, in October within the scope of this cooperation. Our project will be the first hybrid power plant model in Turkey. Our works on the investments continue for many solar power plants that are in the planning phase. In this sense, we are in contact with Talesun Solar for the projects for which investment plans are made. We expect that our cooperation will continue for both parties.”

Mr. William Sheng, President of Talesun Solar, said:

“Talesun is very happy to work with Cengiz Energy for this largest hybrid power plant in Turkey and will deliver PV modules with best quality. We are delighted to see that the superior quality of our products and the proven track record of performance are recognized by Cengiz Energy. This new collaboration with Cengiz Energy is very important for Talesun. For years Talesun continues to help our global customers to achieve their PV installation targets with quality, reliability, and profitability. Talesun has also invested 50 MW solar project in Turkey. We are very optimistic about the revival of the European and Eurasian solar PV market and looking forward to playing our role in more clean energy projects.”

Ms. Pinar Eser, Head of Talesun Solar Turkey, said:

“Turkey is one of the most important market for Talesun solar and we are continuously working to promote our high-quality modules there in order to support the development of renewable energy. The expansion of the PV plant equipped with our high efficiency modules has already generated lower LCOE and is able to compete with traditional sources of energy. Being a market leading company within the Turkish solar industry, we will actively work together with Cengiz Energy to contribute to the local solar industry. We are expecting to sell more in the coming few months across the region.”

 According to the Bloomberg report ‘Q2 2020 Global PV market outlook’, the annual PV installation of Turkey will be reached to 760 MW in 2020 and to 1.4 GW in 2021. With years of successful marketing experience and close cooperation with strong local partner, Talesun aims bigger target in Turkey and other Europe countries. Talesun sees a total shipment of more than 150 MW in 2020 in Turkey which will account for a major proportion of around 20% of the country’s total shipment.

Cengiz Holding has been investing in infrastructure projects since the foundation of Cengiz İnşaat in 1987. Its investments in the energy and mining industries, along with other corporate activities in these areas, have enabled it to grow into a huge family of 35 companies and affiliates with an annual revenue exceeding USD 5 billion. Cengiz Holding’s completed and ongoing investments in power amount to 4937 MW. Cengiz Holding takes an integrated approach to the power generation industry, managing its natural gas distribution, commerce activities and investments. Cengiz Holding is certified with the Wholesale Electricity License required for international electricity operations and sells electricity to Greece and Bulgaria, taking its place among a limited number of operators in the electricity marketplace.

Talesun Solar is top ranked solar PV manufacturers of the world. Headquartered in China, the company has several production bases in China, Thailand, and etc. The company ranked in top 10 module manufacturer of 2018 and 2019 by PV InfoLink. By end of 2020, the company will achieve module capacity of 10 GW.