The Latest Ranking of Top PV Module Brands in Japan has Been Released, and JinkoSolar has retained the Top Spot as No.1 Brand.


Statistics show that JinkoSolar continues to hold the leading position in Japanese market totaling 1.1GW shipment volume, and it is the only brand that shipped more than 1GW last year. It was followed by CSI, which shipped 910MW, while JA was the 3rd with 800MW, and Hanwha and TRW respectively 4th and 5th.

Despite the impact of Covid-19 on PV industry in 2020, the shipment volume of JinkoSolar in Japan still maintained an outstanding performance reaching 1.1GW, which is to be attributed to the superior product strategy and market deployment of JinkoSolar.

JinkoSolar is deeply engaged in high-end Japanese market. Last year, JinkoSolar launched its flagship Tiger Pro series high efficiency module targeting Japanese utility sector, while promoted the 48p and 54p PV modules for residential and C&I rooftop thanks to its large distribution network.

Gener Miao, CMO of JinkoSolar said: “Technology, quality and customer trust are the business objectives of JinkoSolar Japan. We take user experience value as the benchmark to lead product upgrading, and improve product quality and integration services. Japan is a key market to JinkoSolar, not because of its size, but because it is one of the most challenging markets in the world. It has the world's most demanding customers, and the highest standards of quality, reliability and detail requirements. The Japanese market is the litmus test for every company when it comes to product quality and brand influence. If we can win Japan market being recognized as the No.1 modules supplier, we can win the world”.