The smarter E: ecocoach to showcase Plug & Play storage system with energy management and smart home capabilities


Through integrated Plug & Play functionalities, installers can link the storage systems with PV systems, charging stations and building technology components such as lighting and heating. All building functions can then be controlled by a singular app. The system is configured via an easy-to-use visual interface, meaning there is no need for programming knowledge. Drivers of electric vehicles with batteries manufactured by ecovolta — a division of ecocoach — can also take their cars’ batteries and integrate them into a storage system in a second phase of life.

Complex home technology can be installed quickly and easily

In contrast to the ecoBatterySystem Large with up to 65 kWh of capacity, the new storage system offers capacities of 5–30 kWh, and just as with the large system, all the components are integrated in the storage unit, including the inverter and an industrial computer for building automation, significantly simplifying building distribution. This also spares the installer a number of steps and configuration tasks otherwise required for the integration of charging stations or building technology components.

“Modern houses are becoming more and more complex, particularly when it comes to interconnecting energy systems with smart homes. Our system can be installed in just a few clicks and the technician avoids the risk of non-functional interfaces,” shares Paul Hauser, CTO of ecocoach. The app’s software also enables later monitoring of the energy and smart home system, significantly reducing service requirements.

The combined energy and smart home control centre also has considerable advantages for system users. “Instead of having to use different apps for heating, lighting and locking systems, charging stations and storage systems, ecocoach users need only rely on a singular app,” Hauser adds.

Second life concept

The new storage systems are compatible with ecovolta traction batteries, which are built into electric lorries produced by E-Force One AG, for instance. Commercial enterprises in particular can use second-life batteries from their electric vehicles to save money and enhance the ecoBatterySystem Life storage capacity. ecocoach and ecovolta are also working together with partners on a take-back scheme, which would see batteries being salvaged after their first service life and offered to ecoBatterySystem Life owners, even if they don’t have a compatible electric car.

ecovolta’s evoTractionBattery is a battery solution which uses a standardised system to enable electric vehicle manufacturers to substantially reduce development time. It is thus particularly suited to small to medium vehicles typically used for commercial purposes. Like the ecocoach storage system, the batteries are also produced in the ecocoach and ecovolta facility in Brunnen, Switzerland.