UK: 14th out of 27 In EU PV electricity generation per capita

A new visualisation from the UK’s leading solar panel website shows that the UK lags far behind in terms of PV generation capacity per capita.

The Eco Experts’ Infographic ( shows the size of each the EU’s 27 member countries adjusted for the amount of electricity it generates from solar PV. The visualisation reveals that the UK ranks only 14th out of 27 – just behind the much poorer Bulgaria.

Germany is far and away the leading of producer of solar PV electricity in the EU, producing over 300 W/capita. The UK on the other hand could only manage 16W/capita or about 5% of Germany’s. The numbers come from an EU wide study and are based on 2011 generation figures. Numbers for 2012 will likely show increase in both Germany and the UK – although both markets are now struggling with changes to subsidy regimes. The top 5 countries in terms of PV per capita were: Germany, Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic and Spain.

However, only the top 4 countries produce above the EU average of around 100 W/capita.