Upgraded Kstar 250KW String Inverter


Kstar has launched KSG-250UH string inverter for large scale solar plants by 2020, among the world's largest power string inverters, helping customers to reduce the LCOE of solar plant, which has been applied in 30 projects in more than ten countries, obtained the recognition of global customers.

This year, Kstar updated the KSG-250UH with more scientific design, maximum string input current reaches 20A, perfectly adapted to a large-sized module of 182/210mm, support bifacial modules access. Maximum 24 strings input and maximum 200% DC/AC ratio, satisfy the requirements of high-power module and high DC/AC ratio system, reducing the cost of system to 0.05 USD // W.

When the string input current updates to 20A, KSG-250UH remains 1 MPPT with 2 strings input, fuse free design, not only greatly enhances the reliability of the product, but also effectively avoids power loss. By optimizing algorithms and circuits, achieving maximum efficiency is 99.03%, leading the inverter high efficiency era, maximizing power generation benefits of various scene applications. KSG-250UH has also very good performance in terms of grid friendliness. KSG-250UH can be stably operated at SCR = 1.5 weak network environment. Realizing LVRT and HVRT under the three phase symmetrical fault and single phase asymmetric fault operation conditions, it can keeps uninterrupted operation during voltage drop / elevation and recovery, providing rapid support for power system stability operation.

IP66 and C5 protection, stable operation at -25 ° C ~ 60 ° C, long-term stable operation, no fear of high-winding, coastal corrosion, high and low temperature, etc., guarantee 25 years of super high income returns.

KSTAR optimizes inverter product design by analyzing the designing, building, operating, and maintaining of the solar projects, reducing system cost, improving power generation, simplifying operation and maintenance, and end-to-end assist customers to reduce LCOE. Learn more: www.kstar.com