VARTA Storage and E-One Moli Energy to develop high performance Lithium-Ion battery applications for the European market


The demand arises from major cell vendors and large scale energy storage applications. VARTA Storage, focusing on battery storage and lithium-ion systems and Moli, produces lithium-ion cells expect the production of higher performance batteries for applications and a fast time to market of the cooperation.

Gordon Clements, General Manager of Power & Energy at VARTA Storage GmbH based in Nördlingen, Bavaria, commented that “We are a key player in the European battery industry and our company has more than 130 years of experience in battery technology as well as more than 30 years of experience in the field of lithium-ion battery technology. The rechargeable lithium-ion-batteries are powering a wide range of applications worldwide, such as power-tools, wearables, home-and-garden tools, robotics and material handling as well as larger applications like residential or commercial energy storage systems. The opportunity to work with Moli in Europe fits perfectly with these applications and the need for the highest level of integrity for our battery solutions.”

Blair Tweten, Manager for North American & European Sales at Moli observed, “We have vast cell knowledge in this area bringing more than 40 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of high quality lithium rechargeable batteries to this cooperation. With plans to significantly increase our production capacity over the next two years, Moli sees VARTA Storage as a key partner in the European market who can not only support new customers to develop battery systems using Moli cells, but who can also provide valuable insight into the requirements of next generation cells ─ keeping VARTA Storage and Moli one step ahead of the market. The closer we are to the battery design and the end customer VARTA Storage and Moli are able to select the right cell for the application. Safety, reliability, high performance and long life are key for our customers and our pack assembler partners.”

Clements and Tweten are unanimous in their view that adding lithium ion application knowledge of both to the strong chemical, mechanical, electronic and battery & cell design capabilities on both sides will result in faster time to market and much higher performance batteries for the selected applications.