Voltfang launches new app for energy management system


Voltfang, the clean-tech company for high-performance energy storage from second-life e-car batteries, launches its web application to optimise energy management. The integrated hardware and software solutions offer improved monitoring and greater security for energy efficiency.

The combination of high performance storage solutions and Voltfang's advanced energy management system offers commercial and industrial customers the opportunity to maximise their energy efficiency, optimise their own consumption and at the same time significantly reduce their energy costs and CO2 emissions. With Voltfang's integrated solution, companies can improve their energy self-sufficiency and position themselves independently and securely in the long term.

“Our new version of the web application makes it even easier to track consumption. It also allows for flexible and rapid optimisation of operational efficiency. By providing an accurate overview of energy consumption, the system helps to maximise energy efficiency and minimise unnecessary costs. The customisations allow intuitive operation without time-consuming training,” says David Oudsandji, founder and CEO of Voltfang.

Voltfang's proven storage solutions are ideally complemented by the Enma energy management system. High-performance and green battery storage systems play a crucial role in the decarbonisation of industry and commerce. At the same time, they offer real added value for companies. In this way, Voltfang is a key enabler of a sustainable energy infrastructure for companies.

“More consumption data will not only give users a better experience, but also enable them to make more informed decisions. With an overview of their own energy supply, every Voltfang user can see which activities and devices are consuming or supplying the most energy. This will allow users to take control of their energy data and use and optimise it in the way that they want to,” says Afshin Doostdar, CTO and founder of Voltfang.