When precision matters – Contractor selects Shaner Industries’ steel foundations to support SolFocus CPV Systems

The SolFocus system uses a reflective design. It includes a primary mirror to capture sunlight, along with a secondary mirror and non-imaging optical system to concentrate sunlight 650 times onto high-efficiency III-V solar cells. The system is integrated with dual-axis trackers and precise tracker control systems, to maintain high-energy output throughout the day.

When a contractor in California was selected to install SolFocus CPV systems in Riverside County, he knew that the foundation must provide stellar performance for this precision system. The contractor selected Shaner Industries’ steel pipe finned foundations because the unique patented design provides improved lateral and torsional deformation performance. Which basically means; the foundation is custom-designed to make sure that neither it, nor the structure it is supporting, moves from its intended position.

“Our patented steel foundation designs offer contractors the unique advantage of greater control against forces such as; torsion, overturning, shear, deflection and rotation when installing structures that allow little – to no – tolerances,” said Geoffrey Feidelberg, CEO of Shaner Industries. “Our proprietary design process considers many factors including; soil conditions, structure, and load to develop a foundation to precisely meet the needs of each unique project – ensuring clients a reliable and sturdy foundation built to their exact specifications.”

With many advantages over concrete foundations, Shaner Industries offers a truly innovative, time-efficient, and cost-effective solution for foundation installations for just about any structure that requires a strong, reliable, and precise foundation.