ZNSHINE Solar and Guofu Hydrogen Energy Jointly Construct the Largest Domestic Distributed PV Hydrogen Production Project in China


This project uses abundant solar energy by utilizing rooftop PV power generation to provide clean energy for hydrogen production equipment. Its primary off-grid operation is supplemented by grid connection, significantly reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. Furthermore, by leveraging hydrogen-electric coupling technology, the project reduces dependence on the grid and develops new use cases for renewable energy, opening new avenues for sustainable development.

Under the leadership of ZNSHINE Solar and Guofu Hydrogen Energy, the PV installed capacity for this project is set to reach an impressive 7.33 MW. This milestone, supported by energy storage systems, is a testament to the technological prowess and industry leadership of both companies in the field of hydrogen energy. It not only represents a significant breakthrough in the clean energy sector but also advances the long-term strategic objectives of these forward-thinking clean energy companies.

In this partnership, ZNSHINE Solar is the driving force behind renewable energy system solutions, providing scheme design, component procurement, and technical implementation. ZNSHINE Hycean, on the other hand, leverages its expertise in PV solutions and construction services to lay a solid foundation for project implementation. This collaborative effort underscores the commitment of both entities to deliver robust energy systems for hydrogen-electric coupling.

ZNSHINE Hycean, a high-tech enterprise jointly established by ZNSHINE Solar, Xiamen Yida Energy

Efficiency, and Yuqun Investment, focuses on the R&D and application of hydrogen energy. Leveraging its technological expertise and field experience, combined with technical integration and system integration, ZNSHINE Hycean overcomes solar energy's intermittency and instability to provide a stable supply of renewable energy in this project. With Guofu Hydrogen Energy's hydrogen production equipment and technical capabilities, ZNSHINE Solar ensures the quality of this project and sets the standards for future collaborations.

ZNSHINE Hycean’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Li Ning, has a wealth of innovation experience and academic accomplishments in the energy sector, making him a recognized leading expert in the industry. With the support of the Tan Kah Kee Innovation Laboratory and its technical team, ZNSHINE Hycean has assembled robust equipment, systems, and application R&D capabilities in hydrogen energy technology. This ensures a sustainable development trajectory for the green energy and hydrogen energy industries.

With the rapid growth of the global hydrogen energy industry, states are increasing their investment and policy support. According to current plans, it is estimated that by 2030, the global annual production of clean hydrogen will reach 38 million tons, with approximately two-thirds being green hydrogen. About half of the projects are in the planning stage or have already received funding support. As a leader in China's clean energy development, ZNSHINE Solar will continue to uphold our spirit of innovation, striving to boost the efficiency of green electricity generation.

The implementation of this project will provide valuable experience for similar projects, facilitating the further development of the hydrogen energy industry. With concerted efforts from all stakeholders in the industry, clean energy will see more breakthrough developments, contributing to the restoration of our environment and new sustainable development models.