Q2 2020: Green finance

In Q2 2020, pv magazine's UP Initiative turned its attention to the pertinent topic of green finance. The goal, among others, was to understand what the term “green finance” means; to understand how one can avoid greenwashing; and to investigate where future investment opportunities lie.

pv magazine 03/2020
The locusts are coming: Presentation of the quarterly theme.

pv magazine 04/2020
Greening finance: If the financial community is given the correct information, tools and frameworks to shift its focus, the transition to a low carbon greener future may yet be assured.

pv magazine 05/2020
Sustainable finance: reassessing risk, purpose: The global Covid-19 crisis has had a tumultuous impact on the global economy. It has brought investment risk and purpose into sharp focus, while also bolstering sustainable finance. But what does it mean for solar?

pv magazine 06/2020

Green finance and the future of PV: Felicia Jackson explores the future of solar and the impact green stimulus could have on the sector.

pv magazine 04/2021

ESG criteria: Should developers take notice?: Something is brewing in the financial world. “Sustainable finance” and the growth of ESG funds have been taking the market by storm in recent years. Since most major PV projects end up needing investors from the capital market, it is only a matter of time before they will have to adapt. The beginning of March 2021 saw a milestone reached in this process.

Opinion & analysis

What you need to know to take advantage of the green bond revolution: Green bonds have experienced rapid growth since their inception in 2007, and participants in the solar energy industry stand to benefit. In 2019, issuers launched over US$250 billion in green bonds offerings, representing 51% growth year over year.

EU climate law sets the stage for a green transformation: The climate law proposed by the European Commission may be more ambitious than it first appears.

Could Covid-19 be the catalyst for change where the COP process has stalled?: The post Covid-19 world could see their efforts overtaken, if policymakers are bold enough to take the opportunity to offer truly green fiscal stimulus packages.

Is it the end of the oil era?: As states and the oil majors look to shore up oil prices, it’s possible that the coronavirus crisis might be what topples the fundamental driver of the current economic order.

Financing solar in Turkey – Green finance and new business models: Looking at the various solar power plant mechanisms brought by regulatory changes in 2020, the Turkish PV market is aiming to adopt some exciting new financial and business models.

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