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Trina Solar

Trina TOPCon modules undergoing UL assessments

In this pv magazine Webinar, Trina Solar will present its own TOPCon Vertex N solar module technology and the results of a recent tests conducted by US-based independent safety science company Underwriters Laboratories UL. Experts from the Chinese manufacturer and the certification body will discuss a case study of an independent LCOE assessment of the Vertex N 700W+ modules in Brazil and Germany.

The value of standard module formats in the n-type era

The solar industry is headed toward standardization on module sizes, and many along the supply chain are breathing a sigh of relief. An optimized standard format promises savings in component supply, installation and shipping, and will end a long period of confusion for the solar industry. In this pv magazine Webinar, Trina Solar explains the value of its optimized sizing and product design based on 210mm rectangular wafers, and treats us to a closer look at the company’s latest cell and module innovations.

Reliability analysis of n-type modules

In this pv magazine Webinar, we’ll examine the reliability profile and technical performance of n-type modules. We will explore a roadmap to TOPCon module production and hear from industry experts about the advantages of this new technology that’s gaining traction for large-scale solar installations.

Integrating TOPCon: PV markets and systems

The new year will see n-type solar cell technologies, and tunnel-oxide passivated contact (TOPCon) in particular, build on a successful year in 2022 and continue to grow their share in the global PV module market. In this pv magazine Webinar, we’ll hear exactly how this growth is expected to shape up in 2023 and the following years from a top market analyst. And then we’ll take a closer look at the technology behind TOPCon with module maker Trina Solar, who will take us through the workings of its latest Vertex N module series, and the process of integrating these modules into a PV system to ensure all their potential advantages are best realized in the field.

Nuevas Tecnologías para la optimización del diseño electrónico y mecánico de plantas FV: Menos Capex, Menor LCOE

En este pv magazine Webinar, Trina Solar presentará la tecnología de los módulos, incluyendo las características de las nuevas células rectangulares, y los detalles de funcionamiento de las células tipo N. También se discutirán las ventajas asociadas a realizar diseños de string con módulos de bajo Voc y la compatibilidad de estos módulos con los Trackers e inversores actuales.

Entering the Terawatt age: A 360° view on solar sustainability

Solar companies have an important role to play in embedding sustainability in their operations if lofty ambitions are to become a reality. On November 8, together with Trina Solar, we will examine the latest analysis of solar sustainability towards the terawatt age as well as providing insights into the report and the company’s ambitions for radically reducing emissions in its operations.

Tailoring mounting systems for the Asia-Pacific

In this pv magazine Webinar, we will discuss a suite of innovative tracker solutions, introduced by our partner Trina Solar, which answer the need to make utility solar projects more adaptable, quicker to install, and ultimately more profitable.

Shaping the future of PV manufacturing

Recent years have seen silicon wafers, solar cells and PV modules introduced to the market in a range of different sizes, as manufacturers seek cost optimization all along the supply chain. And though this move away from standardized dimensions has caused a few disruptions, the industry is generally keen to realize potential for cost reductions where it exists and has been quick to embrace larger format products. In this pv magazine Webinar, we’ll take a closer look at Trina Solar’s latest innovation, producing rectangular shaped cells that promise to revolutionize the industry by packing more watts into shipping containers and onto rooftops and racking systems, bringing big BOS savings for project owners and developers.

Delivering value in the APAC region

In this pv magazine Webinar we will learn more about how to make ideal technology choices for projects across the Asia Pacific region where energy crises were erupting in the last year. We will also have a sneak preview of the Trina Solar new technologies on its horizon and products launching later in the year.

Revolutionizing tracker resiliency with Vanguard 1P

In pursuit of unlocking the true potential of 1P and eliminating barriers to utilization, TrinaTracker has developed Vanguard, a new 1P tracker solution designed to conquer the terrain it’s installed on and the wind it will face. In this pv magazine Webinar, Trina Solar will outline the philosophy that went into the design of Vanguard 1P, highlighting how the system has been optimized to perform in a variety of complex scenarios and be installed nearly 20% faster than prior solutions.

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