Desertec to focus on EU MENA connection

14. February 2013 | Markets & Trends, Global PV markets, Applications & Installations | By:  Jonathan Gifford

In its 2012 Annual Report, the Desertec Industry Initiative (Dii) has acknowledged the challenges it faces in attracting investment to North Africa and the Middle East. It therefore has set out a new focus, which aims to facilitate the integration of the EU and MENA energy markets.

A Desertec image.

Dii will focus on EU and MENA electric market integration in 2013.

The ambitious Dii has had a difficult time in recent months, with delays in project finalization as intergovernmental agreements are held up. Furthermore, continuing political instability in parts of North Africa and the MENA region have required a shift in focus.

This shift was set out in the Dii 2012 Annual Report, which stated, "More than ever before, our focus in the next two years will be on integrating the EU and MENA energy markets and on offering real projects to our stakeholders."

Dii is a multilateral project that aims to facilitate the development of an intercontinental and multinational electricity grid and renewable energy generation network spanning Europe, North Africa and the MENA region. As such, it hopes to provide the basis for a 100% renewable energy future for the region in the future.

The 2012 Dii report confirmed that shareholders have extended its mission through to 2015. However, not all shareholders have been prepared to stay the course, with Siemens withdrawing from Dii in December of 2012 and rumors abounding in the German press that Bosch will do the same.

Despite this setback, Dii states in its annual report that it is well positioned to focus on its new course: "We have readjusted our strategy for the coming years and prepared our organization for the work ahead."

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