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The Hydrogen Stream: PV-wind hybrids cut LCOH by 70%

Portuguese and Italian researchers have shown that the levelized cost of hydrogen (LCOH) is lower onshore and that PV-wind configurations reduce the LCOH up to 70%, while Lhyfe says it has started collaborating on a hydrogen storage project.

SolarPower Europe says 1 TW of solar could be annually installed by 2028

SolarPower Europe forecasts more than 1 TW of annual solar installations by 2028, but financing and energy system flexibility must be unlocked.

Amsterdam to allow solar panels on monuments

The Amsterdam municipal authorities say they will make installing solar panels and heat pumps easier and allow visible installations on monuments and heritage buildings.

Alight secures grid connection for 100 MW solar park in Finland

Swedish solar developer Alight has obtained a grid connection for its 100 MW solar project in Eurajoki, western Finland. Construction is expected to start later this year.

Peer-to-peer energy trading framework for residential buildings

Scientists in the UK developed a controller for B2B trading platform that considers thermal and visual comfort. Their modeling shows that participating in local energy trading increases the robustness of the control systems in residential microgrids in face of uncertainty in the occupant comfort level.

Monitoring PV plants with 3D remote sensing data

Scientists in Spain have developed thermal image mapping on dense and high-resolution point clouds representing status and geometry of PV modules and automatic identification of individual solar panels in 3D space. The proposed methodology was found to provide “exceptionally high” accuracy.

Digital twin technologies for solar tracking in agrivoltaics

Fraunhofer ISE researchers are applying deep learning and digital twin modelling tools to optimize PV tracker control systems for use in farming and biodiversity projects. The goal is to be able to automatically position the modules throughout the day to meet the needs of the plants growing below, in light of the microclimatic conditions, and the need to optimize yield.

Longi launches ultra-black HPBC solar modules for residential applications

The Chinese manufacturer said its new Hi-MO X6 Artist series has an efficiency of up to 22.3% and a power output ranging from 420 W to 430 W. The smaller version is currently priced at CNY 298 ($41.7)/m2 and the largest model is sold at CNY 268/m2.

Greece shuns net metering

A recent law voted by Greece’s Parliament has closed the net metering scheme to the vast majority of electricity users. The government aims to replace it with a net billing scheme, which the photovoltaic sector has been waiting for more than a year.

Another U.S. residential installer announces business closure

An email informed the employees of U.S. residential installer Titan Solar that the company had ended operations.

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