IMS Research releases new report on emerging solar markets

04. January 2013 | Markets & Trends, Industry & Suppliers | By:  Shamsiah Ali-Oettinger

IHS solar experts from IMS Research, iSuppli and Emerging Energy Research have analysed potential solar PV development in markets that have yet to emerge. Demand forecasts for 38 selected emerging markets in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America are in focus.

What are the opportunities that exist in emerging regions?

The report "Emerging Solar Markets" covers all major growth areas for solar PV projects through 2035. Opportunities for development, success factors, risks, barriers and signposts are elaborated in the report.

The key questions answered in this report can be summarized as the following:

  • What are the opportunities that exist in emerging regions?
  • What government policies, in which countries, best mitigate PV investment risk?
  • Are solar PV installations competitive with industrial retail power prices?
  • Which regions will deploy residential, commercial or power plant PV systems?
  • Who are the local manufacturers and suppliers active in these regions?

The market study will take a close look at solar radiation, infrastructural challenges, PV economics relative to retail power prices and the industrial structure and policy.  Factors such as a resource overview, project supply and demand, political, regulators and business environment as well as infrastructure and fiscal factors are analysed. The competitiveness of solar PV and the obstacles and risks are also looked at by the researchers under the country development environment analysis. Around 40 odd company profiles of key players  are used to determine the developer landscape.

For more information or to view a brochure and pricing information, please click here to login to IMS Research's website, or contact the report author, Ash Sharma.

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