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Chinese PV Industry Brief: Work begins on 3.3 GW solar-CSP project linked to 500 MW of storage, in Qinghai

China Green Development Group is building a giant project consisting of 3 GW of photovoltaics and 300 MW of concentrating solar power. The plant is scheduled for completion in 2025 and is part of China’s 14th five-year plan.

Sungrow supplies ‘Thailand’s largest floating solar plant’

The Chinese inverter company said the dam-hosted 58.5 MW project in northeastern Thailand was connected to the grid this month.

CEA-INES unveils shingled heterojunction PV panel with 21.41% efficiency

The module is claimed to be one of the top five most performant heterojunction solar modules, in terms of power density, with the champion panel achieving 214.15 W/m² and the average device 209.5 W/m². The panel showed an efficiency ranging from 20.95% to 21.41%.

NREL model shows current incentives for PV module recycling are insufficient

Analysts at the US research institite modeled PV recycling strategies and found that current incentives are not well-aligned to drive recycling.

Goldi Solar plans 210 mm module production from next year

Indian PV manufacturer Goldi Solar will start producing its HELOC̣ Pro series M10 (182 mm) modules in November, and will add G12 (210 mm) panels to its lineup next year.


Semi-transparent organic solar cell for window applications

Developed by U.S. scientists, the 10%-efficient device is intended for applications in solar windows and promises efficiencies close to 15%. According to its creators, the cell retained 80% of its efficiency after 1,900 hours at 55 degrees Celsius.

How long do residential solar inverters last?

Multiple factors affect the productive lifespans of residential solar inverters. In the second part of our new series on resiliency, we look at PV inverters.


PV-powered mobile home with 730km range

Solar Team Eindhoven has developed an experimental mobile house that is powered exclusively by vehicle-integrated PV and is claimed to achieve a range of 730km, on a sunny day and at a, moderate speed of up to 85kph. The vehicle is equipped with a foldable PV system that can be unfolded and produce more power when the vehicle is not in motion.

Legal dispute over South African content rules in 2 GW tech-neutral tender

The South African Department of Mineral Resources launched a tech-neutral procurement process for 2 GW of capacity in August 2020, in response to a chronic short-term electricity supply gap in the country.

Dutch construction company invests in 300 MW solar module factory

The factory is under development in Eindhoven by Dutch start-up Solarge, and is scheduled to begin manufacturing activities in March.


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