Mainstream Renewable Power to build 100 MW of PV in South Africa

12. November 2012 | Applications & Installations, Industry & Suppliers | By:  Becky Beetz

Having signed all the necessary governmental agreements, Mainstream Renewable Power can now begin work on its two photovoltaic plants worth 100 MW.

Mainstream Renewables signs PV agreements with SA Government

Mainstream signs key financing, power purchase and implementation agreements with the South African government.

Overall, the company will install two 50 MW photovoltaic plants – the De Aar solar PV farm in Emthanjeni and the Droogfontein solar PV farm near Kimberley – and one 138 MW wind farm on its Eastern Cape for a total investment of €500 million.

Mainstream, which is heading a consortium including Globeleq, Thebe Investment Corporation, Enzani Technologies and Usizo Engineering, has said it will issue a Notice to Proceed to its construction contractors this week, and expects all three projects to be operational by mid-2014.

Over the past four years, the company has worked on gaining the necessary permits, approvals and financing for the projects, which will be co-developed by local partner Genesis Eco-Energy.

"We have recently raised money on the world markets which we are delighted to commit to developments in South Africa and we look forward to having the 238 MW of wind and solar plant operational in mid 2014," stated Mainstream CE, Eddie O’Connor.

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