"Media witchhunt" causes Solar Millennium’s Kuhn to resign

27. September 2011 | Industry & Suppliers | By:  Becky Stuart

Hannes Kuhn informed Solar Millennium’s executive board last night that, effective immediately, he will be resigning from the company’s supervisory board due to the "media witchhunt" against him.

Solar Millennium parabolic troughs

Solar Millennium has been negatively featured in the press a lot lately. Image: solar Millennium.

"The media campaign directed against me has now started to affect my family and my private life, reaching a level where objective discussion becomes impossible," he wrote in a personal statement. "In light of this media witchhunt, I have decided to resign my position on the supervisory board with immediate effect and good cause."

He goes on to say, "Recent accusations made against me in the form of countless systematic and primarily anonymous criminal complaints are unsupported and without foundation."

Solar Millennium, in a separate release, said it accepted Kuhn’s resignation with "respect and appreciation". It added that the attention has put an "immense strain" on Kuhn, the company and its employees.

Kuhn added, "I call for the media leading the campaign and those who instigated it from the background to return to a fair and objectively balanced approach to Solar Millennium AG. The company needs calm in its period of restructuring in order to be able to adjust to changing market conditions."

In the past few weeks, there have been numerous complaints made against both Kuhn and Solar Millennium, including during the ongoing dispute between the company and former CEO Utz Claassen.

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