BlackRock goes behind the meter with GE

The startup formerly known as GE Solar has become a full fledged company, with GE and BlackRock announcing the creation of Distributed Solar Development, a behind-the-meter solar joint venture.

Sunowe’s trial for solar panel smuggling in Germany: customs must bring evidence

In the fall of 2017, German customs had revealed a “fraud cartel” around the Chinese photovoltaic manufacturer Sunowe, which is said to have circumvented the applicable minimum import prices. Among the arrested suspects was a local politician, which drew significant attention to the case. This year, the trial started in the spring, but suspension came at the beginning of July when the customs office did not provide evidence in time. A restart of the trial is expected this winter.

The United States is headed for a battery breakthrough

A new report by the Energy Information Administration projects U.S. installed battery storage capacity will reach 2.5 GW by 2023. Florida and New York are set to pave the way as massive projects in each state will account for almost half the coming capacity.


‘Transforming Australia from a global laggard to a leader in transport innovation,’ Chargefox flexes EV charging muscle

Australia’s only public ultra-rapid EV charging network has opened the most powerful charging station in the Southern Hemisphere. At the same time it announced a partnership with Yurika and the Queensland state government to manage the 17 fast charging sites that make up the Queensland Electric Super Highway.


The first serious solar car is here: Lightyear One

Netherlands-based EV startup Lightyear has released a prototype for its first solar-powered, long-range EV. Is the car really the environmental dream it’s pitched as?


Alten to commission Namibia’s biggest PV plant

The 45 MW installation is part of the government’s plan to reduce dependence on hydropower and, more importantly, imported electricity from neighboring South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


Biden promises 100% clean energy in US by 2050

U.S. Presidential candidate Joe Biden has released his climate plan, which focuses on tax cut reversals and executive action to kickstart 100% clean energy and net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.


Anheuser-Busch buys big solar in US

The brewer of such fine beverages as Busch Light has signed a power contract with Recurrent Energy for the electricity generated by the 222 MWac Maplewood solar project in Texas. The deal will positions the brewer to reach its sustainability goals four years sooner than anticipated.

Solar industry demands new strategy for European PV

Leading representatives of the European solar industry have issued a call for a new industrial strategy ahead of the European Commission’s upcoming proposals for the sector, which are expected this summer.

Tesla acquires Maxwell Technologies

It’s unclear exactly what the interest is in the California-based supercapacitor maker, but it could be more about the process than the product.


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