Carnegie completes plans for Mauritius wave, solar + storage microgrid

By Sophie Vorrath Carnegie Clean Energy’s plans to use its world-leading CETO wave energy technology to develop a renewable energy microgrid for the island Republic of Mauritius are beginning to take shape, with the completion of plans for stage one of the hybrid power station. The ASX-listed company said on Monday it had completed the […]

PVA TePla returns to profitability in Q1

Q1 sales increased by 37% compared to a year earlier. The company also posted a positive Ebit for the first time in five years.

Atomic scale design could pave the way to more persistent solar cells, study says

Researchers from ICL claim to have discovered the cause for the rapid decrease in performance of perovskites. Adding iodide ions may help improve the stability of solar cells.

SolarWorld’s German units file for insolvency, provisonal administrator is named

The Bonn court has confirmed to pv magazine that Horst Piepenburg was named temporary administrator for SolarWorld. Meawhile, the company’s German units also filed for insolvency.

German PV equipment makers report revenue rise for 2016

German PV equipment providers were able to increase their sales by 20% in the past year. Demand for solar production equipment, however, is slowing.

Phoenix Solar post 40% revenue growth for first quarter

The German project developer reported a loss in Q1 2017, despite a considerable rise in revenue.

SMA remains in the black

A difficult market environment has led to a drop in sales and profits. The German inverter maker, however, was able to keep writing black numbers in the latest quarter.

Video: Dow showcases ENGAGE PV POE for encapsulant films at SNEC 2017

At its joint exhibition with Dow Corning at the SNEC show in Shanghai last month, Dow Elastomers showcased its ENGAGE PV POE solution, a polyolefin-based material that can be used in manufacturing both top and bottom encapsulant films for many module types.

Manz posts positive operating result in Q1 2017

The German equipment provider reports an operating profit of €20 million for the first quarter of this year.

Interview: Asia Clean Capital CEO Thomas Lapham

China is shifting its major PV installations from previous large utility-sized ground PV plants in the west and north to small-sized distributed PV projects in the eastern coastal areas. During this process, many companies have found new opportunities.