Meeco Group unveils 30 MW Japan PV plans

07. March 2013 | Applications & Installations, Industry & Suppliers | By:  Becky Beetz

The meeco Group has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Japan’s BIJ Corporation and Italy-based finergia advisory & finance. The aim is to install both on- and off-grid photovoltaic projects in Japan and its neighboring markets.

Meeco Group solar photovoltaic off-grid

As part of the agreement, meeco will make off-grid solutions available.

The MOU was signed by the three parties on February 22. Initially, says meeco, the companies aim to install 30 MW of grid-connected photovoltaics in Japan. A spokesperson told pv magazine that they should be deployed by Q1 2014.

Meeco will also make such off-grid solutions as its solar and energy storage and solar water pumping products available to the joint venture. Both Japan and its neighboring markets, including the Fiji islands are a focus.

While BIJ Corporation will manage the local resources in Japan, identify sites for the installation of projects and supervise their implementation, meeco and finergia have said they will take charge of finding solutions and professionals for the projects, and be responsible for financial advisory services under project finance schemes.

"As a global player in the solar energy market, it was important for The meeco Group to take part in this significant evolution in Japan by assigning resources and skills to market cooperation involving qualified local companies," stated Dieter Trutschler, sales director of meeco.

He added, "The opportunity to be present in the market came through finergia’s CEO, Mr. Andrea Gatti, a long-term partner of meeco who has previously been involved in solar energy projects in Italy."

The spokesperson could not divulge any further details on the projects, their locations, or the financial details of the joint venture.

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