REC extends PV production shutdown

25. August 2011 | Top News, Industry & Suppliers, Markets & Trends | By:  Becky Stuart

REC has extended its photovoltaic production shutdown in Norway until the end of the year.

REC's Herøya photovoltaic wafer production plant

The shutdown of production at REC's Norwegian plants, including at Herøya, has been extended. Image: REC.

Back in May, the manufacturer announced it would temporarily scale back its wafer and cell production capacities due to weak market demand and decreasing prices. These changes came into play on July 1, affecting around 500 employees.

Wafer capacity was reduced by 125 megawatts (MW) at Herøya and Glomfjord - representing around 45 percent of REC’s Norwegian capacity - while the company’s 180 MW photovoltaic cell manufacturing activities in Narvik were shutdown. The production of REC-branded modules was also halted.

The shutdown has now been extended until the end of the year, thus affecting around 600 employees. Mikkel Tørud, VP & IRO told pv magazine, however, that the market conditions were constantly being evaluated.

As before, REC’s U.S. and Singaporean photovoltaic production activities have not been affected.

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