Solar-Log 300; Solar-Log 1200; Solar-Log 2000

14. May 2013 | Intersolar 2013, Products |

The Solar-Log 300 is for small domestic systems of up to 15 kWp – the new products are differentiated solely by the kWp output of the systems they monitor regardless of the number of inverters in use.

Photo: Solare Datensysteme

Solare Datensysteme has introduced a swathe of upgrades in the three new models of its popular Solar-Log monitoring system which will be unveiled at Intersolar Europe 2013. All of the proven features of the Solar-Log 200, Solar-Log 500 and Solar-Log 1000 models have been enhanced with innovations in the new Solar-Log 300, Solar-Log 1200 and Solar-Log 2000 models, supported by the Solar-Log APP for Android which allows monitoring of solar systems on the move. The Solar-Log 300 helps domestic users optimize self-consumption and can monitor the consumption of individual appliances through the use of smart plugs which relay data to the monitoring system. The Solar-Log 1200 is for medium sized solar plants with an output of up to 100 kWp and features a color touch-screen display which can be viewed without a pc. The Solar-Log 2000 is for large scale solar plants of up to 2 MWp and with up to 100 inverters with the capacity to raise that threshold tenfold by linking ten of the units on a master-slave basis.


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