Solarwatt completes 6 Italian PV plants

27. September 2011 | Applications & Installations, Industry & Suppliers | By:  Becky Stuart

Solarwatt has completed work on six photovoltaic plants in Italy worth eight megawatts (MW).

Italy solar photovoltaic park by Solarwatt

The photovoltaic parks are worth a total of eight MW. Image: Solarwatt.

Located across both Italy’s mainland and Sardinia, Dresden-based Solarwatt was responsible for the planning, supply, construction and commissioning of the six plants.

Four of the photovoltaic systems are situated in the Ravenna region. They each have an output of one MW. A two MW plant, meanwhile, has been built in Corridonia, in the Marche region. The final two MW system is located on Sardinia, in San Luri.

They were all said to be commissioned by unnamed institutional investors.

"Italy is currently the most important foreign market for us," commented CEO Frank Schneider. "These solar power stations are a clear indication of the potential on the Italian market. Six separate projects, six locations, six individual solutions: we have responded to the challenge that they presented by providing professional project management and competent partners."

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