Soltecture searches for investor; announces new CIGSe efficiency

12. June 2012 | Industry & Suppliers, Markets & Trends | By:  Becky Beetz

The insolvent Soltecture, a Berlin-based CIGSe photovoltaic module manufacturer, has announced that the search is on to find an investor. It is believed a buyer will be found soon. In related news, the company has achieved a new module efficiency of 12.8 percent.

Soltecture facade Berlin CIGSe photovoltaic

Soltecture is confident it can be saved on the back of its CIGSe photovoltaic technology.

Following the company’s insolvency announcement on May 9, provisional liquidator, Hartwig Albers from Brinkmann & Partner has started an international investor process together with M&A investment bank, Macquarie.

According to Albers, numerous parties have already registered their interest in taking Soltecture over. While he said it was too early to be more specific, he said he was "confident" a buyer would be found in the coming months.

In related news, Soltecture says it has reached an aperture efficiency of 13.9 percent (module efficiency of 12.8 percent) on a 103.9 Watt CIGSe (copper indium gallium selenide) photovoltaic module.

"In only one year, our research and development department has managed to increase the module performance by 10 Watts, which represents an over 10 percent rise," said founder and CEO, Nikolaus Meyer. "With this, Soltecture demonstrates yet again its international technology leadership in the thin film solar module segment."

Overall, Soltecture aims to achieve an efficiency of over 16 percent. Currently, its high-performance 100 W Lionion module – with an aperture efficiency of 13.4 percent and a module efficiency of 12.3 percent – is leading the company’s product range.

Commenting on the insolvency process, Meyer added, "Through their dedication, our employees have made it so that our customers feel virtually nothing from the impact of the insolvency and we could keep our revenues stable."

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