SEIA: FERC proposed rule would encourage transmission for solar power projects


The FERC has said it is looking to build on its Order No. 890 open access transmission reforms by establishing a closer link between regional electric transmission planning and cost allocation to help ensure that needed transmission facilities actually are built.

“Our nation needs a transmission grid that can accommodate rising consumer demand for a more diverse mix of power generators and the sophisticated technology of the smart grid,” FERC chairman Jon Wellinghoff said. “To do that, we must make sure FERC transmission policies are open and fair to all.”

??In response, Mr. Resch stated: “We applaud FERC for releasing this Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. Clarifying issues of regional transmission planning and cost allocation will reduce the uncertainty surrounding transmission build-out and will accelerate the development of utility-scale solar projects. Transmission planners must account for solar energy as a key piece of our electricity portfolio. And policymakers need to ensure that the benefits of clean, reliable solar energy are available to all customers. With over 22,000 MW of utility-scale solar projects in the pipeline, we are poised to provide emission-free electricity to 4.4 million homes and create tens of thousands of jobs from coast to coast.

“This rulemaking, coupled with FERC’s previous inquiry into barriers to integrating renewable resources into the grid, is an important step in modernizing our transmission grid. We look forward to working with FERC on these important issues for America’s clean energy future.”