7th Quality Roundtable at REI in Greater Noida

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7th Quality Roundtable: pv magazine’s is bringing its Quality Roundtable format to Renewable Energy India this month to spark informed and engaging discussions about the key quality issues facing the country’s surging solar sector. India’s PV landscape is evolving fast, with domestic and international component and material manufacturers, in partnership with project developers making rapid progress towards the country’s vast solar goals. But with the unique opportunity in India comes the need for unique approaches to product and project realization.

The presentation is available for download here!

At the 2017 Renewable Energy India event, pv magazine will bring together solar industry experts and insiders to discuss pathways to success in the dynamic Indian marketplace.

REI, Conference Hall Olive 2nd floor
September 21, 2017  from 11 am to 1:00 pm

The pv magazine Quality Roundtable is a forum for the manufacturing and project development industry segments, as well as investors to meet and discuss the latest cutting edge technologies and approaches impacting the industry today. It is a one-of-a-kind event, where speakers and attendees can discuss challenges and propose solutions to ensuring solar's bright future in India.


10:45 am Entry and registration

11:00 Start of the event with a welcoming speech from Ian Clover (senior editor, pv magazine) and introduction of Rajaram Pai (Business Leader, DuPont E&C and Photovoltaic Solutions, South Asia

Session 1: Overview on Quality issues

11:05  “DuPont field analysis and database – Overview”

11:10 Discussion

11:15 Interactive discussion of an example for poor quality (a solar farm in Rajasthan suffering from the ill-effects of under-performing modules (due to potential induced degradation), installation malpractice and unsatisfactory maintenance): risks and methods for risk mitigation

11:30 “Analysis of Reliability and Performance Issues of PV modules” and a research project on quality in India (together with NISE)


Subrahmanyam Pulipaka
Soreva Energy
Co-founder and CEO



11:35 Discussion

11:40 “Quality Assurance Considerations for PV Plants”

11:45 Discussion

11:50 Santosh Khatelsal, Enerparc, will present on his “EPC”-view on quality of PV installations in India and risk mitigation

11:55 Discussion

12:00 “Small components. Big impact. Cabling of PV installations”

12:05 Discussion

12:10 Presentation of Sanjeev Kumar

12:15 Discussion

12:20 Discussion on soiling and cleaning

Session 2: Examining module quality

12:30 “Module & cell defects – how to find their root causes”

12:35 Gregor Reddemann, CEO, M10 Industries, will present on how to ensure quality in production and lower costs at the same time

12:45 Discussion

12:50 “Quantifying Risk: Benchmarking of suppliers based on Risk Scoring of Quality Assurance Monitoring Data”

12:55 Discussion

1:00 pm Poster Sessions + light lunch + final discussions

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