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NREL outlines feasibility of heat pumps in US market

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has outlined the feasibility of heat pumps in the US market in a new report. It says installation costs and energy savings prices have changed in relation to climate, heating sources, and types of homes. It says policymakers should further reduce the costs of installing heat pumps to benefit more US households.

Off-grid solar EV charging system designed for quick installation

The PairTree off-grid solar charging system for electric vehicles (EVs) combines bifacial solar panels ranging from 4.6 kW to 5 kW, a 42.4 kWh capacity storage system, and one or two AC “Level 2” EV chargers.


Solar home trends across top US cities, states

MarketWatch has studied Zillow listings to determine which parts of the United States have the highest number of solar-powered homes for sale per 100,000 people.

US Virgin Islands to cover 30% of power needs with solar-plus-battery systems

Honeywell Process Solutions has announced plans to install about 124 MWh of its battery energy storage systems alongside 140 MW of solar at six sites to help the US Virgin Islands cover 30% of its electricity needs.


US EIA says solar power will surpass hydropower by 14% in 2024

Solar capacity has rapidly grown in the United States, while manufacturing costs have fallen, prompting the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) to predict that PV will generate 14% more electricity than hydroelectric facilities in 2024.

Barbados to build 60 MW of community solar gardens

Jurchen Technology and Blue Circle Energy have decided to develop a 60 MW portfolio of community solar gardens, distributed across 50 sites.


Peak Energy to set up domestic market for sodium-ion batteries

Sodium-ion energy storage system manufacturer, Peak Energy, is working to streamline what it believes is the biggest bottleneck to scaling enough battery energy storage systems to accommodate 80% renewable energy generation and 100% carbon-free electricity in the United States by 2035.


Northvolt to open battery factory in Canada

Northvolt says it will use a circular economy approach to achieve 60 GW/h of annual cell production in Quebec, Canada, with a focus on assembling batteries for the US automotive market.


Silfab Solar signs deal with NorSun for US-made wafers

NorSun recently raised $8.5 million of new equity to further develop clean energy manufacturing projects in the United States, including a 5 GW ingot and wafer factory.

New York state increases clean energy storage research incentives

Four demonstration projects have secured funding to test and scale up different long-duration energy storage proposals.

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