SMA remains in the black

A difficult market environment has led to a drop in sales and profits. The German inverter maker, however, was able to keep writing black numbers in the latest quarter.

Video: Dow showcases ENGAGE PV POE for encapsulant films at SNEC 2017

At its joint exhibition with Dow Corning at the SNEC show in Shanghai last month, Dow Elastomers showcased its ENGAGE PV POE solution, a polyolefin-based material that can be used in manufacturing both top and bottom encapsulant films for many module types.

Manz posts positive operating result in Q1 2017

The German equipment provider reports an operating profit of €20 million for the first quarter of this year.

Interview: Asia Clean Capital CEO Thomas Lapham

China is shifting its major PV installations from previous large utility-sized ground PV plants in the west and north to small-sized distributed PV projects in the eastern coastal areas. During this process, many companies have found new opportunities.

Video: China market not to disappoint in 2017

Far and away the largest PV market in the world, China’s development has broad consequences for the entire PV industry. Nowhere was this more evident than at the SNEC trade show in Shanghai last month, where the question of China’s projected installations for 2017 was hot on everyone’s lips.

Manz sets up CIGS joint venture with Chinese partners

The German PV equipment provider will partner with Shanghai Electric Group and Shenhua Group to further develop the CIGS technology. NICE PV Research has already started R&D activities.

University of Twente publishes research on back reflector materials

Researchers at the Netherlands’ University of Twente have developed a material comprising thin, diamond-like photonic nanostructures which reflect a surprisingly wide range of colours of light, from all angles. This could make the material ideally suited for use as a back reflector for PV modules.

KIT researchers detect nanostripes on perovskites

KIT scientists have researched the underlying physical mechanisms of perovskites to understand the reason for their high efficiency potential. For the first time proof for nanostructures in the perovskite layers has been provided.

Kyocera supplies modules for 92 MW PV plant in Japan

A joint venture of four Japanese firms invest $315 million for a solar project in the south of the country. The solar park is scheduled to start operation in January 2020, producing 99 MWh annually.


Enel gets approval for 60 MW PV plant in Brazil

Brazil’s energy regulator has approved a 60 MW solar project under development by the Italian power utility in the state of Bahia. The project was selected in a renewable energy auction held by the Brazilian government.