Jinko, Longi neck and neck in H1 Chinese module shipments

Financial reports from PV manufacturers and shipment numbers from the first half indicate high market demand.

India’s solar power infrastructure becomes target of Maoist attack

Maoists attacked a 30 MW Tata Power Solar plant in Gaya, Bihar.

Future PV video: “the year of most innovation”

Last week at North America’s largest solar and storage trade show, Solar Power International, pv magazine hosted its third Future PV Roundtable. The event saw an engaging discussion of PV manufacturing and project development approaches, each with a unique approach to reducing solar’s LCOE.

Slight rise in India’s solar tariff: bids at INR 2.65 in Gujarat

A slight variation from last auctioning results which had lowest bidding at INR 2.44/kwh.

New combination of elements a positive step forwards for KAUST solar centre and Solar panels

Perovskite research sees an unexpected improvement, as a result of research from Saudi Arabia’s KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology) solar centre, improving the quality and efficiency of the potential of solar panels.

India heading to 20 GW of installed capacity by the end of this financial year

In the last four quarters in India 7.5 GW were installed. The total accumulative capacity reached 16.2 Gigawatt, reports Bridge to India. After rapid growth in the last quarters the market will probably slow down somwhat.


U.K. not doing enough for climate at expense of renewables, says NRDC

The U.K. is still investing in biomass generation, but the authorities should focus on deploying solar and wind to meet the country’s electricity needs in a more cost-effective manner, the Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC) says in a new report.


U.K: Local government invest in partnership with British energy firm Centrica

In a bid to exploit their Solar PV potential, R&D centres at Centrica have developed a battery capable of storing energy for use to boost solar capabilities of council over energy distribution.

Goldman Sachs buys Mosaic’s solar loans worth $300 million

The US solar financing provider claims it has originated over $1 billon of loans for homeowners to date.

Confidence is rising in the Brazilian PV market

The fifth Intersolar SA in Sao Paulo has shown that Brazil is becoming a mature solar market, despite its numerous challenges.