IBC Solar signs contract with SECI for 20 MW solar plant in India

The large-scale project will be owned and developed by IBC solar in Odisha.

Haiti inaugurates the largest smart-grid in the Caribbean

A smart-grid project combining PV generation and battery storage has been unveiled in Haiti. The project is the result of collaboration between the Biohaus Foundation and relief organization NPH Germany. The project will substantially reduce the nation’s reliance on diesel generators.


Behind Enemy Lines: Renewables to Power Coal Mining

A new Insight Brief from the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) spotlights the potential to decarbonize the mining sector through renewable energy. With 75 percent of the global mining industry focused on coal, renewables are now cheap enough to power even the coal industry.

Hawaii regulators approve HECO’s 100% renewable energy plan

After years of trying to get utilities fully on board, HECO has issued a five-year plan to double solar and renewables on the road to achieve 100% renewable electricity by 2040.

pv magazine at Intersolar Europe: Trade disputes the norm in global PV

With Solarworld’s recent insolvency announcement, questions regarding the potential for trade disputes to affect the global solar industry have once again been brought to the fore. At Intersolar Europe 2017 in Munich, pv magazine spoke with Benjamin Attia of GTM Research about the organization’s latest research into this broad reaching topic.

South Australia already at 57% wind and solar in 2016/17

Solar met 7.6% of the state’s demand this year, as South Australia surpasses its renewable energy target eight years early.

Video: thin film’s rise in China

After several years of little activity, thin-film production is currently enjoying a resurgence. Several big equipment deals have been made in recent months, one of the most significant of these is the partnership between German suppliers Manz and Shenhua & Shanghai Electric.

Carnegie completes plans for Mauritius wave, solar + storage microgrid

By Sophie Vorrath Carnegie Clean Energy’s plans to use its world-leading CETO wave energy technology to develop a renewable energy microgrid for the island Republic of Mauritius are beginning to take shape, with the completion of plans for stage one of the hybrid power station. The ASX-listed company said on Monday it had completed the […]

PVA TePla returns to profitability in Q1

Q1 sales increased by 37% compared to a year earlier. The company also posted a positive Ebit for the first time in five years.

Atomic scale design could pave the way to more persistent solar cells, study says

Researchers from ICL claim to have discovered the cause for the rapid decrease in performance of perovskites. Adding iodide ions may help improve the stability of solar cells.