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SiliconPV 2019 – 9th International Conference on Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaics

The 9th edition of SiliconPV will be hosted by imec. It will be the key event for sharing and understanding cutting-edge developments and upcoming trends in Silicon Photovoltaics. It focuses on science and advanced technologies along the value chain of crystalline silicon cells and modules.

It covers short-, mid- and long-term issues including:

  • Processing and characterization of Si materials, wafers, multi- and mono-crystalline silicon including defect passivation and gettering
  • Advanced solar cell architectures and technologies
  • Solar cells based on selective contacts and novel device architectures
  • Next generation multi-junction crystalline silicon based tandem solar cells
  • Advanced materials and technologies for PV-modules including, novel interconnection and encapsulation technologies
  • Characterization techniques and modelling

As in the last years, the nPV workshop will take place successively to the SiliconPV conference with one overlapping day and a joined conference dinner. This will give participants a complete overview of all trends, innovations and developments of n-type technology.

CISOLAR-2019 KYIV – The 8th International Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition of Central and Eastern Europe

CISOLAR is the main International Conference and Exhibition for the Solar Energy Market of Central and Eastern Europe, where top players of PV Industry present technologies, innovations and new concepts in the upstream PV sector. It gathers the global PV community to present and discuss the latest developments in Photovoltaics, to network and to conduct business. Already 8 years CISOLAR is the outstanding b2b platform with a full and only focus on the PV Solar sector in the region.

In 2019, CISOLAR will gather over 500 participants from more than 30 countries, the level of which is traditionally represented by the owners and top managers of the companies – the largest market players, as well as reputable international experts and heads of government departments and companies.


● Meet the people who could transform your business. And transform your thinking. The global connections you’ll make at PV World Forum could inspire all sorts of positive changes.

● Be the first to access valuable intelligence and information at the conference and learn to change the world for good. From expert academic analysis to informative boardroom insights, there’s unparalleled insight to ignite new thinking on every level.

● From spotting the very latest investment opportunities and partnering with innovative start-ups, to plugging niche markets or simply finding new products to distribute in your corner of the world at the conference, you’ll come away with genuine opportunities, not just business cards.

Exhibition Scope:

1. PV cell & module mono-crystal cell & module/ poly-crystal silicon cell & module/ thin-film cell & module/ CIGS chemical compound thin-film cell & module/ composite single crystal cell & module/ mono-crystal cell & module/ dye induction type cell & module/ organic thin film cell & module/ spherical silicon cell & module/ other cell & module/ cell & module application/ building built-in type module (BIPV) and others.

2. Solar energy production equipment poly silicon production equipment/ ingot production and processing equipment/ wafer production equipment/ wafer cutting equipment/ stacking equipment/ silicon inspection equipment/ wafer inspection equipment/ vision inspection, equipment/ cell characteristic evaluation equipment/ energy, measuring device/ PV performance diagnosis monitoring, equipment / PV generation measuring device/ monitoring, equipment for production process/ environment monitoring, equipment/ diagnosis equipment and simulator/ battery test equipment/ substrate inspection equipment/ module test, equipment and others.

3. Solar energy material and parts poly silicon/ ingot/ wafer/ spherical silicon/ battery substrate/ glass & flexible substrate/ EVA sheet/ back sheet/ material for metallic electrode/ material for transparent electrode/ composite semiconductor material/ organic film material/ oxidation semiconductor material/ organic dye material/ Nano particle/ material for module and others.

4. solar energy power and generation facility inverter/ power conditioner/ controller/ storage battery/ rechargeable battery/ overvoltage protection device/ device for the protection of falling of a thunderbolt/ power supplier/ converter/ junction box/ panel board/ panel board/ junction box/ remote monitoring device/ cable/ connector/ Sensor for Pyranometer/ power control parts and others.

5. Energy storage system and energy storage device for solution battery/ energy storage device for compression air type/ energy storage device for fly wheel type/ Power Conversion System(PCS)/ Energy Management System (EMS)/ Lithium-ion battery/ Natrium Sulfur Battery/ flow battery/ Uninterruptible Power Supply and others.

6. PR for the solar energy industry support policy Program to support companies in the solar energy industry/ solar energy industry support cultivation policy and others.

Carbon Zero Expo 2019

Why Exhibit at Carbon Zero Expo?
■ Showcase : New business creation in regard to the low carbon industry, and
sustainable target marketing for potential buyers.
■ Network : Network building as the leading company in the carbon energy
industry, and direct business with customers.
■ Communication: One-stop shop for technology, market and policy information
for sustainable business creation through communications with decision-makers
for government policy and related industries.
■ Brand : Increased market share and strengthened brand image as the market
leader in the low carbon industry.
■ Keep in Touch : Place for continuous meetings with current and potential

Exhibit Item :

  1. Greenhouse gas reduction solution hall : Greenhouse gas reduction devices, carbon dioxide management solutions, fine dust collection and management equipment, air purifying devices, Carbon Capture and
    Storage system (CCS), atmosphere and water quality measurement devices, etc.
  2. Renewable energy and alterna tive energy hall : Solar cell (heat) generation and monitoring system, geothermal heat generation and monitoring system, biomass generation and monitoring system, wind power generation and monitoring system, marine energy (tidal power, wave power, sea water temperature and salinity gradient generation) and monitoring system, bio gas generation and monitoring system, smart water management system, waste resource and resource circulation products, thermohygrostat devices, waste heat and energy efficient facilities, etc.
  3. Low carbon emission vehicles, transport and shipping hall : Electric cars and charging service, electric bus, hybrid car, hydrogen car, electric bicycle,
    eco-driving products, etc.
  4. Microgrid and smartgrid hall : Energy storage system (ESS), energy management system (EMS), convergence dispersed generation, ICT implementation technology, IoT and big data products, etc.

Energy Storage System Expo 2019

■ Showcase: Sustainable target marketing is possible for potential buyers as well as creation of new business in regard to Energy Storage Systems.

■ Network: Network building as the leading company in the Energy Storage System industry, and direct business with customers.

Communication: One-stop shop for technology, market and policy information for sustainable business creation through communications with decision-makers of government policies and related industries.

■ Brand: Increase market share and strengthen brand image as the market leader in the Energy Storage System industry.

■ Keep in Touch : Place for continuous information exchange with current and potential customers

■ Exhibiting Items

Energy Storage Technology

Lithium-ion battery

Lead storage battery

Lead storage battery

Compressed Air Energy Storage System

Fuel cell

Energy Storage System Components and Devices

Battery management system

Electric power for storage systems

Battery test and inspection system

Compressed Air Energy Storage System

Thermal management system

Energy Storage System

Fixed Energy Storage System for residential buildings

Energy Storage System for commercial and industrial use

Fixed Energy Storage System for utility and grid operator use

Energy Storage System for low capacity mobiles (Smartphones, laptops, tablets)

Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)

Software and ICT for Energy Storage System

Control Engineering for Optimal Energy Consumption

Industrial/building energy management, monitoring, control devices

Software for energy management systems

Sub Saharan Africa Power Summit #SSAPOW19

The SSA Power Summit separates itself from traditional conferences and exhibitions. There are no booths or exhibition halls at our summit. We focus on delivering extremely high quality, high level gatherings with some of the most senior executives in the power sector in an intimate five star environment. All the themes and topics of our summit are end user driven and are put together by our content committee which consists of our delegation and government relations team who set the hot themes and issues that are currently facing the power industry.

We are able to impact your business development efforts in the region by arranging pre-determined closed door business meetings with senior executives. Our project intelligence reports ensure that every meeting you have will be extremely targeted, and you will know exactly who you will meet and the topics that will be discussed weeks in advance of the summit commencing. We only set-up mutually agreed meetings, ensuring there’s synergy and gives you the best possible chance of doing business at the summit. This approach allows you to consolidate 6 to 12 months’ business meetings into the 3 days, cutting your travel times and expenditure.

In this climate, we understand that justifying your marketing spend is crucial and we ensure that the work we do for our clients pre and post event give you the best possible chance of leaving our summit with a substantial return on investment.

We will bring together Ministries of Power & Energy, State Power providers, Public – Private partnerships (PPP), Independent Power Producers (IPP’s) and key solution providers to tackle some of the most pressing issues within the African Power industry. In the Sub Continent region power companies will be looking toward the strategy for increased power capacity.

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