Array Changing Technologies


pv magazine Array Changing Technologies: Call for entries

pv magazine is looking to gather the most innovative ideas, developments and products in the solar industry. Any array component or supporting technology is applicable for entry. Modules, inverters, batteries, racking systems, trackers, monitoring platforms, cleaning, testing and installation equipment: All will be considered.

Alongside the curated products showcased in the June issue of pv magazine International, new entries will also qualify as candidates for the inaugural pv magazine annual award, which will cover a range of PV industry categories and be announced at the end of the year!

How to enter
We know how busy you are, so we have endeavored to keep requirements as simple as possible. Please note, however, that the more detail you can give, the better your chance of impressing the jury at the later stages.

For a chance to be included in the feature all you need is to send us

  • Product/innovation information pack (press release/data sheet etc.)
  • A short text addressing each of the selection criteria (outlined below).
  • Two or three high-resolution (minimum 1 MB file size) photos.

There is no fee whatsoever for entry. The criteria which will be used to judge each entry are as follows:

  • Efficacy of the solution what problem does this innovation solve for the industry? How is the desired effect achieved? What is unique and innovative about this solution?
  • Sustainability of the solution how will this save time/energy for those who adopt it? Can it be easily adopted by the industry? How long will it last for?
  • Degree of innovation What new technologies are being deployed? How was the solution developed? How could it transform or improve a standard industry practice?
  • Economic impact Has a detailed cost/benefit analysis been carried out? Can this bring about significant savings in PV deployment & how?

Please send all entries in to The closing date is 5pm (CET) on Friday August 10th, 2018.

2018: The preview

In 2018, Array Changing Technologies returns to recognize those solutions which are helping to push more power out of solar installations large and small, aiding the technology’s growth into new regions and new markets, and contributing to the renewable energy system of the future.

With such a wealth of new modules, inverters, mounting systems, trackers, batteries, energy management systems, and PV array supporting components on offer, the feature will be spread across two issues, with a jury of industry experts set to cast its eye over the crop of submissions, and choose an overall winner in time for September.

This winner, and a select few finalists, will also qualify as candidates for the inaugural pv magazine award, to be given at the end of the year. The recipient of this award will be chosen from the top submissions to the various features running throughout the year, covering all of the industry’s major segments.

Now, a selection of some of the strongest solutions launched in 2018, many of which will be on display at Intersolar Europe in Munich, and at Intersolar North America in San Francisco. Which will turn out to have truly Array Changing potential? Only time will tell…

Click here to view the full selection.


Now separated across three monthly issues, this year’s feature highlights 20 innovations that are shaping the European and North American solar markets. Our expert panel has also been split into two, bringing their unique insight and knowledge to the table, and helping to select the three finalists from both sections.

The overall winner, announced in the September edition of pv magazine, is Amber Kinetics. The company’s M32 Flywheel solution was singled out by the independent jury for its huge potential as a chemical free form of storage, capable of unlimited cycling and 30-year lifetime with little need for maintenance – even in harsh climates – as a truly Array Changing Technology.

Read on to discover more about the 20 selected technologies, our juries’ views, and the six chosen finalists…

June issue: 10 Array Changing Technologies Europe

July issue: 10 Array Changing Technologies North America

September issue: Finalists and overall winner