Array Changing Technologies

Now separated across three monthly issues, this year’s feature highlights 20 innovations that are shaping the European and North American solar markets. Our expert panel has also been split into two, bringing their unique insight and knowledge to the table, and helping to select the three finalists from both sections.

The overall winner, announced in the September edition of pv magazine, is Amber Kinetics. The company’s M32 Flywheel solution was singled out by the independent jury for its huge potential as a chemical free form of storage, capable of unlimited cycling and 30-year lifetime with little need for maintenance – even in harsh climates – as a truly Array Changing Technology.

Read on to discover more about the 20 selected technologies, our juries’ views, and the six chosen finalists…

June issue: 10 Array Changing Technologies Europe

July issue: 10 Array Changing Technologies North America

September issue: Finalists and overall winner