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Solar Superheroes comic adventures

superheroes_assembleThe Solar Superheroes adventures began in September 2015 and have since whisked our heroes to the most dangerous corners of the world in their pursuit of Coal. Catch up with their triumphant tales with these digestible comicbook downloads:

Episode 1 saw our Solar Superheroes first battle coal and consisted of three parts throughout 2015. pv magazine has also published Episode 1 in Mandarin and Japanese!

Episode 2, Part 1 was published in March 2016, with the second exciting installment following a couple of months later.

And then, on September 1, the Superheroes encountered something more sinister and deadly than they had ever seen. Read Episode 2, Part 3 to discover the full gory details!

Episode 3, Part 1 begins on a knife-edge, while Parts 2 and 3 sees our Superheroes' skills put to the ultimate test!