Who are the Solar Superheroes?


Laminator by Bürkle

Laminator is the de facto leader of the Solar Superheroes gang, equipped with mighty heat-firing lasers that can quickly cut any foe down to size.
Brought to you by: Bürkle.

Apollon by 3D-Micromac

Ever one to light up a dull occasion, Apollon can illuminate any battle with his ability to shape-shift, harness the energy of others and operate with laser-like precision, quite literally.
Brought to you by: 3D-Micromac.

Diamond Wire and Wire Mesh by Meyer Burger

Diamond Wire and Wire Mesh form a partnership to be reckoned with. Diamond Wire expertly wields her dazzling whip to devastating effect.
Brought to you by: Meyer Burger.


Ably supporting Diamond Wire is her dependable sidekick, Wire Mesh, who boasts precision, strength and a cool head in a crisis.

Brought to you by: Meyer Burger.

Silver Maze by Heraeus


Silver Maze boasts an electrifying touch and unwavering strength and flexibility that makes her a reliable, dependable asset in the fight against fossil fuels.

Brought to you by: Hereaus.

Inspector VI by Vitronic

Sent Inspector VI brings analytical and tactical nous to the Superheroes gang, hewn from her enormous spectral and spatial capability to see the bigger picture.

Brought to you by: Vitronic.

Flash by Wavelabs

Ah, Flash. Cantakerous, divisive, obsessive, but supremely talented and with a heart of gold, the Solar Supheroes’ self-styled ‘Bad Boy’ brings loyalty, a dash of humor and impressive healing powers to the table.Brought to you by: Wavelabs.