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Magazine Archive 01 - 2023 | Rise and shine in 2023

‘Show me the money’

While national representatives at the COP27 climate summit tinkered with the details of measures to combat rising carbon emissions, the elephant in the room remained the yawning gap between the cash required to save humanity and the commitments made to finance that goal. Felicia Jackson recently went to Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, to assess whether it will be public money, private investors, or global brands that will step up to the plate.

Steering Saudi toward EVs

Saudi Arabia’s plan to put 700,000 electric vehicles (EVs) on Riyadh’s roads by 2030 will require an estimated 30,000 to 34,000 new charging stations – far more than the 100 currently planned. The kingdom’s Vision 2030 push will also need government incentive support and domestic auto manufacturing sites, according to Apricum’s Elizabeth Oliphant and Alex Metz.

Final thought: Reforms to tackle crisis

Kane Thornton, CEO of Australia’s Clean Energy Council.

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