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Magazine Archive 05-2013

Learning from the giant‘s fall

Dear readers, Suntech – for many years this name had the aura of resplendent success and the triumphant advance of PV technology. The charismatic CEO and founder of the company Shi Zhengrong was lauded as the world’s first green billionaire. In 2010 Suntech was named the top solar panel supplier after shipping 1.49 GW. However, […]

Working the system

PV project finance in India: Although impressive, the deployment of utility-scale PV in India has been hampered by industry-specific and economy-wide factors – not least the difficulty in accessing non-recourse finance. Ragna Schmidt-Haupt from global renewable energy consultancy GL Garrad Hassan provides examples and practical insights into how players can overcome the hurdles and seize attractive opportunities in the idiosyncratic Indian solar market.

When manufacturers go bust

Inverters: It’s been a while since Satcon Technology Corporation, a Boston-based large-scale photovoltaic inverter manufacturer, filed for voluntary bankruptcy. Their inverters however still remain on the field posing the questions of who looks after them when the manufacturer closes shop.

Upward pressure

Chinese factory gate prices: Decreasing shipments are pushing up the prices for Chinese solar modules sold in Europe.

Trend reversal up ahead

Industry ranking: Even for the largest manufacturers it was difficult to make money simply by producing solar cells last year. The market was characterized by overcapacities, declining prices and consolidation. And the ongoing trade disputes are also having an impact on the top ten manufacturers as well. Nevertheless, analysts expect to see a slight recovery of the market as a whole again in the year 2013.

The rise and fall of the Suntech empire

Industry consolidation: When Suntech – briefly the world’s largest supplier of PV modules and China’s biggest solar success story – defaulted on $541 million of convertible U.S. bonds in March, solar players across the world were watching. The very public, and in many quarters long expected, failure of the former poster boy of solar, Zhengrong Shi, has left the photovoltaics industry asking what Suntech’s Wuxi insolvency means for solar.

The next big thing

Commentary: Why do so many believe MENA is the next big solar market? It’s all between Germany and China, and their equilibrium is currently being jeopardized by the EU-China trade case, says Yassir Gamil, Managing Director of Solarpraxis’ new subsidiary in the MENA region.

Sun pyramid

Building-integrated PV: Covering triangular surfaces with rectangular PV modules is no problem if mock panels are used at the edges, explains Stefan Ast of Renusol.

Solarcon 2013: PV restructuring in China

Solarcon: It is clear that the fall from grace of one of the world’s largest PV manufacturers – a key topic at this year’s Solarcon China 2013 – will impact other Chinese top-tier companies. Other discussion points at the event included shifting policy models and the imminent overhaul of China’s PV FITs.

Solar’s dirty little secret

Module cleaning: Robots have been transforming manufacturing processes for some time. Autonomous cleaning robots are even becoming more commonplace in our homes. So when it comes to cleaning PV modules, particularly in the MENA region, robots look set to play a major role.

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