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Magazine Archive 05-2013

Let robots do the job

Tracking systems: QBotix robots glide along a monorail connecting an array of PV panels and aligning them with the sun’s position every 40 minutes. This way, two robots can replace two hundred pairs of traditional tracker system motors.

Rapid fall in prices

US system prices: GTM Research presents the latest data on US PV system pricing.

“What drives the market?”

Interview: Where does SMA stand in terms of internationalization? What are the success factors and challenges? Pierre-Pascal Urbon, CEO of inverter manufacturer SMA, in an exclusive interview with pv magazine.

Reconfiguring the market

Greece: Since new, lower feed-in tariffs came into effect on March 11, the Greek PV market is facing a slowdown. The new measures the Greek Energy Ministry introduced last August have been met with mixed reactions and diametrically opposite opinions.

16 ways to cut costs

Cost optimization: As solar prices edge up for the first time in two years, cost-cutting measures in the industry haven’t stopped. Here’s what PV companies throughout the value chain are doing to save money and cut costs per watt.

Scrutinizing processes

Interview: Stefan Spork, General Manager of Mounting Systems, based in Rangsdorf, Germany, talks about the challenges of internationalization for a medium-sized company.

A shift in attitude

Solarbuzz market report: Industry players have to move past the disappointing results of 2012 and identify the new challenges and opportunities. Michael Barker, Senior Analyst at NPD Solarbuzz, analyzes some of the key trends impacting PV pricing.

Solar’s dirty little secret

Module cleaning: Robots have been transforming manufacturing processes for some time. Autonomous cleaning robots are even becoming more commonplace in our homes. So when it comes to cleaning PV modules, particularly in the MENA region, robots look set to play a major role.

Australia’s mass market for PV

Australia: With a carbon price in place and new bodies to support renewable energy applications kicking into gear, it could seem that the PV market is set to continue its rapid growth Down Under. However, changes of government at the state and federal levels look like it will set some new hurdles for the industry to overcome.

Solarcon 2013: PV restructuring in China

Solarcon: It is clear that the fall from grace of one of the world’s largest PV manufacturers – a key topic at this year’s Solarcon China 2013 – will impact other Chinese top-tier companies. Other discussion points at the event included shifting policy models and the imminent overhaul of China’s PV FITs.

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