Indonesia’s 1.2 MW community-owned off-grid PV: model for the future?

A 1.2 MW hybrid plant is currently under development in a remote area of Indonesia aiming to provide 24-hours access to electricity for about 400 households in three villages. The project will be owned by the local community, offering a model for the development of solar PV in the country.

Greece applies virtual net metering

Greece’s environment and energy minister has approved the country’s virtual net metering provisions. This is a policy step towards the right direction, however it is not expected to have a significant effect on Greece’s PV installations any time soon.

Jordan’s thriving net metering PV sector welcomes new 16.5 MW system

A few days after reporting on Jordan’s largest net metering PV system of 17 MW capacity, it appears that a new system of just 500 KW less capacity is also under way. Jordan’s commercial net metering PV sector appears to be on an encouraging upward trajectory.

Jordan to host Middle East’s largest net metering PV of 17 MW capacity

Lafarge Cement Jordan has signed a contract to build a 17 MW photovoltaic plant, which upon completion, pv magazine understands, will be the Middle East’s largest net metering project.


Indonesia: new policy scheme and PV projects

Indonesia recently brought in a new renewable energy law that changes the remuneration tariffs for renewable energy projects, including solar PV systems. Furthermore, the country’s state-owned utility recently signed agreements for new photovoltaic capacity.


UK energy storage: government in no hurry

A seminar on the outlook for the U.K.’s energy storage market that took place this week in London highlighted the vibrant activity taking place in the sector, but was unable to answer when or if government can come up with a meaningful policy.

Greece’s first battery storage system under way in the Aegean Sea

The island of Tilos in Greece’s Aegean Sea is going to host the country’s first renewable energy plus battery storage system. pv magazine explores why this is so significant for Greece.

Chilean microgrid provider uses solar-plus-IT to lower bills

Amigo Solar, a Chilean microgrid provider, announced yesterday its collaboration with a digitized billing system that will help it to alter the utility landscape in the Latin American country. The case shows how solar and IT change the electricity market structures.

UK: 150 MW of new solar PV each month for next 12 months, says National Grid

National Grid, the UK’s transmission system operator, and the UK Office for National Statistics published separately some interesting data regarding the country’s solar PV sector.

Turkey publishes antidumping fee and list for China-based PV manufacturers

A months-long investigation into price dumping in Turkey has concluded, with the Turkish government announcing a list of China-based PV manufacturers who will be subject to antidumping fees for PV imports.