Turkey adds 1.7 GW of solar PV in 2017

Turkey’s solar industry has just come out of its best year so far, adding about 1.7 GW of new PV capacity in 2017. Some peculiar characteristics of the Turkish PV market remain, however.

The weekend read: Solar’s new fertile crescent

Middle Eastern PV: The Jordanian solar sector has enjoyed near-constant growth in recent years, proving that it is a market founded on a sustainable and reliable base. Investors have been wondering for a few years whether Egypt can follow Jordan’s example successfully, and the signs are good that 2018 will prove to be a strong year for Egypt’s solar development. pv magazine explains the forces driving this optimism.


Hanwha Q Cells inaugurates Turkish PV factory

South Korean solar PV manufacturer, Hanwha Q Cells and its Turkish partner, Kalyon Enerji have inaugurated the construction of a fully integrated PV manufacturing factory in Turkey’s capital
City, Ankara.

Akuo Energy to build 50 MW PV farm in Indonesia

France’s Akuo Energy has achieved a milestone in the development of a 50 MW solar PV plant in Bali, Indonesia. pv magazine explores how the project fits in with the country’s new renewable energy law.

French forces unite to develop solar PV desalination plants

Two French companies have partnered to develop projects that combine renewable energy generation with water desalination. This is an area the solar sector is targeting specifically for the developing world, due to its off-grid compatibility.


Egypt’s PV net metering set to bear fruit

Egypt’s feed-in tariff scheme expired in October, however recent regulatory updates on the net metering scheme are set to bear fruit for solar PV in Egypt. pv magazine explores the new policy and business landscape.

Hanwha QCells to locate Turkish panel factory in Ankara due to earthquake risks

pv magazine has learned that Hanwha QCells has started the construction of its Turkish panel factory, which the company decided to locate in the country’s capital city Ankara due to earthquake risks. The decision opens the debate about nuclear safety in Turkey even more powerfully.

UK energy storage: all eyes set to co-location with solar plants

An energy storage event organised by the UK’s Solar Trade Association this week in London showcased the potential for energy storage development in the country. However, what the solar industry is currently targeting most eagerly is co-locating photovoltaics with batteries.

Greece installs its first large-scale solar under new, auction-based scheme

Greece has installed 8.6 MW of new large-scale solar PV capacity under its new policy framework. These are the first large-scale solar PV installations in the country since 2015.

Energy majors, traders and banks unite to create blockchain platform

Some of the world’s largest and most notable energy companies, traders and financial institutions have united to create a blockchain-based digital platform that replaces the current manual tasks in the energy sector with digital contracts.