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Magazine Archive 05-2015

Mexico: cost-competitive solar self-consumption

Grid Parity Monitor: Creara’s Mexico-focused Grid Parity Monitor (GPM) finds significant variations in the country’s diverse PV segments, with self-consumption proving the most cost-competitive solar option.

Better late than never

Turkey: Capacity building is the order of the day in the Turkish PV market, but now of the megawatt variety. A market of great promise, it has been extremely slow to emerge. However, there is a new maturity coming to the surface. It won’t be an overnight boom, but at least there’s no bust.

Legal insight into Mexico’s power market

Mexican law: Mariangela Zerpa Dreyer of Rödl and Partner examines the relationship between Mexico’s Electric Industry Law and the country’s wholesale power market, and explains how renewable energy sources like solar PV fit into this hopeful new landscape.

Kenya’s PV regulatory framework

Kenya: Ulrike Brückner of German law firm Rödl and Partner dissects Kenya’s regulatory framework for PV power generation, and examines whether it is currently sufficient to support the country’s anticipated solar growth.

Inverting the status quo

Inverters at large-scale: The dominance of central inverters in utility-scale solar plants is being slowly eroded by improvements in three-phase string inverter technology. As costs shrink and system owners demand greater energy yield and monitoring performance from their arrays, will this inside-out trend prove sustainable in the long term?

Growth while the sun shines

Japan market: Data from the Japan Photovoltaic Energy Association has confirmed that Japan shipped record-breaking amounts of PV modules in 2014 as the market continued its march onwards, reports Izumi Kaizuka of RTS Corporation.

Going native

Indigenous PV: The potential for deploying solar PV on Indian Tribal Lands in the U.S. is promising. However, fulfilling that potential is a task that is far from trivial and by no means easy, write Curt Shannon of Conation energy and Paula Mints of SPV Market Research.

Egypt embraces the sun … again

Egypt: Can the country’s lofty goals of installing a FIT-driven 2.3 GW of solar PV by 2017 be realized, or is this yet another unsustainable solar policy built on shifting sands? pv magazine investigates.

Commercial PV nears grid parity

Commercial Grid Parity Monitor: Solar PV energy is improving its cost-competitiveness in the commercial segments of many European and Latin American (LatAm) markets, finds the second issue of Creara’s Commercial Grid Parity Monitor (GPM).

China adopting intelligent PV plants

China: With the rapid build out of utility-scale solar in China, concerns about quality have circulated through the industry. It appears the second phase of growth may be heading in a different direction with intelligent controls being adopted to reduce O&M costs. pv magazine visits one such array and finds that it could form the vanguard of a new large-scale trend.

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