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Magazine Archive 05-2015

Smart money on flexible, storable solar

Global electricity: As we move from an era in which “generation is king” to “grid is king,” competitive advantage can be gained through PV becoming a better grid citizen, writes Felicity Jones, senior consultant at DNV GL Energy.

Still a place for going big

It is the season for records. With spring having sprung in the northern hemisphere, the past few weeks have repeatedly shattered records for solar electricity being fed into Germany’s grid. With its 38.5 GW of installed capacity, each time a high-pressure weather system moves into place over central Europe, Germany’s electricity network is on the […]

Better late than never

Turkey: Capacity building is the order of the day in the Turkish PV market, but now of the megawatt variety. A market of great promise, it has been extremely slow to emerge. However, there is a new maturity coming to the surface. It won’t be an overnight boom, but at least there’s no bust.

The foundations for Europe’s heavyweight

300 MW Cestas: Europe’s largest PV power plant is taking shape. The 300 MW Cestas is different in a number of ways and some of the biggest names in solar have come together to make the project a reality. But one family-owned provider is keeping the project grounded.

Big PV’s prospects Down Under

Australia: The largest utility-scale projects in the country’s history are currently being built out, but in terms of a financed pipeline, the cupboard is bare. Will a shift in policy open the doors to the literally gigawatts of projects that are under development? pv magazine investigates.

Trends in DC cabling

Interview: The solar DC cabling market is set to enjoy steady year-on-year growth of around 9% between now and 2019. IHS analyst Cormac Gilligan discusses the trends shaping the market, revealing that the price of copper and the development of 1,500 volt cabling will define the industry over the coming years.

China adopting intelligent PV plants

China: With the rapid build out of utility-scale solar in China, concerns about quality have circulated through the industry. It appears the second phase of growth may be heading in a different direction with intelligent controls being adopted to reduce O&M costs. pv magazine visits one such array and finds that it could form the vanguard of a new large-scale trend.

Upturn but no boom

Module prices: Prices rise in March but not due to higher minimum price levels – the weak euro is to blame.

Commercial PV nears grid parity

Commercial Grid Parity Monitor: Solar PV energy is improving its cost-competitiveness in the commercial segments of many European and Latin American (LatAm) markets, finds the second issue of Creara’s Commercial Grid Parity Monitor (GPM).

Where’s your cell at?

Ranking cell manufacturers: While the “expansion mania” of 2010 and 2011 has not returned in earnest, cell producers are adding capacity. Trade barriers are having a major impact on the market and putting pressure on merchant cell producers, particularly from Taiwan.

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