Magazine Archive 06-2011

All you need is light

West Africa: From humble beginnings to larger plans, non-governmental organizations like Energy for Opportunity, or EFO, are seeking to bring more solar power to African countries.

Portraying development from a product point of view

Interview: With increasing importance being placed on optical inspection in the bid to raise quality, the systems that are already in the market are offering more. pv magazine spoke with KLA-Tencor ICOS Division’s Senior Marketing Director, Pieter Vandewalle, on what the inspection and metrology tools supplier has on its plate and in the works.

Women, wind, stones and solar

Smart grids: South Korea plans to build a nationwide smart grid to reduce energy imports, sustain economic development, and support the country’s ambitious carbon reduction goals. The smart grid roadmap includes five principle areas of research and development, and the test bed site spans an entire province: the island of Jeju.

China’s FIT-fed boom

China: The country should be the perfect place for BIPV or Building Integrated Photovoltaics. Not only is China the production and export champion in photovoltaics, but its building drive dwarfs any other market around the world.

Power homes

Building integrated PV: Great architecture is usually found on buildings in which money is no object. This also applies for showcase building integrated photovoltaics. But there are also many examples of how ordinary houses can be well designed with BIPV. Among these are two energy-plus buildings.

Completely rounded

Polysilicon: The conversion of the gas trichlorosilane to high-purity polycrystalline silicon is a complex process. With sophisticated automation technology, not only can the process be reliably operated, but the quality of the end product can also be improved. Ute Forstner, Peter Holzapfel and Rainer Mahler from Siemens AG elaborate.

Price pressure remains high

Ardour Solar Index: M&A activity partially offsets weak 1H11 outlooks. The 1Q11 margin pressure is likely to continue in 2Q11.

Financially exposed

Solar Industry Summit UK: The first Solar Industry Summit UK took place last month. While UK PV has made great strides, the industry has been left in limbo after the government announced its fast track FIT review. With many companies left financially exposed as a result, this topic cast a shadow over the event.

PV glass potential

PVGU: Pythagoras Solar recently installed, as part of a solar window pilot project, two of the world’s first transparent photovoltaic glass units (PVGUs) on the U.S.’s tallest building. The aim is to evaluate whether photovoltaic glass unit technology can become an established part of the BIPV industry. Following initial feedback, Pythagoras is confident it can be.

First steps

Ghana: Despite an inexhaustible amount of sunlight, photovoltaic technology in Ghana, as in many other African countries, has thus far stood in the shadows. However, gradual changes appear to be underway. Now, even on-grid PV is supposed to be advanced with a new energy law and feed-in tariffs.

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