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Magazine Archive 06-2012

The CMOS moment in solar

Applied Materials in China: At the Applied Materials 2012 Solar Innovation Summit in Xi’an, China, the manufacturer of equipment for the semiconductor and solar PV industries discussed its business strategy as well as the dynamics of the Chinese photovoltaics industry.

More than green dreams

South Africa: As the PV industry feels the negative reverberations in Europe as a result of the cuts to the feed-in tariffs, South Africa has new PV plans in the pipeline and seeks to further the growth of solar generated electricity and aid its manufacturing sector.

Opening for business

Japan: The Japanese PV market has commonly been regarded as a closed shop. However, new data has revealed that this has been changing with an increase in imported PV modules. With the implementation of a new feed-in tariff (FIT) program to start in July 2012, major global PV players established their sales offices in Japan and we may see many more imported PV modules in Japan.

PV’s next steps

Ghana: As is the case with photovoltaics in a number of African countries, Ghana is taking the next step towards introducing initiatives to encourage its growth. But the official expansion targets lag far behind the possibilities.


Ardour Solar Index: Industry heavyweights join the consolidation parade. The sector remains out of favor as fundamentals drag.

Setting the solar story straight

Solar Superheroes: So often the same old arguments are rolled out against PV, yet equally as often, they’re just not correct. They are based on stereotypes, old information and data that does not stand up against the facts. Taking things into its own hands, pv magazine has decided to challenge these arguments and set the solar story straight.

Sino-African solar relations

Chinese PV firms in South Africa: Africa’s renewable energy potential has attracted the interest of many Chinese energy companies ready to develop new power plants and invest in local renewable energy technology manufacturing opportunities.

Solar Superhero is the better choice

Dear readers, Talk about perfect timing! As though “Angry Franky” himself was behind the stage far away at SolarWorld headquarters in Bonn. Last October the demand made by several U.S. module manufacturers, under the leadership of SolarWorld Industries America for the introduction of U.S. duties on imports of Chinese crystalline cells and modules, stirred up […]

Switch from p to n

PV technology: A lot of research is being conducted on n-type silicon-based photovoltaic technologies. The results look promising and it might take a large slice of the market pie in the years to come.

Tempe, we have a problem

First Solar: In a ruthlessly competitive market, quality is paramount. As thin film giant First Solar embarks on a program of radical restructuring and with new CEO James Hughes at the helm, the last thing it needs is its product underperforming in the field. But that is exactly what the U.S. company had to face throughout 2011, with the issue continuing to impact the company’s balance sheet in 2012 also. Is the issue resolved? pv magazine investigates.

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