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Magazine Archive 06-2012

A diversity of new processes

New deposition methods for CIGS solar cells: This article by Peng Shou (CNBM), Jimin Ma (CEO of Sol Array), and Paul Beatty (CTO at Sol Array) reviews and compares the technical and commercial merits of recent lower cost deposition methods for solar cells using quarternary compound semiconductors such as copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS), including new types of sputtering and printing.

Bigger than ever

SNEC: Despite worldwide overcapacities, the financial crisis, cutbacks to feed-in-tariffs and hefty U.S. tariffs imposed on Chinese PV imports, the mood at the 6th SNEC in Shanghai was driven by growth opportunities and lively business and the show was bigger than ever.

Changing to adapt to new segments

Global market update: Markets and customer segments are changing. NPD Solarbuzz’s Michael Barker elaborates.

Competing hard on price

Chinese factory gate prices: Europe dropped further to US$0.80 per watt, China dropped below US$0.77 per watt.

Contents under pressure

Ontario: The Local Content Assurance Bureau and Intertek have partnered to conduct the province’s FIT.2 audits.

Domestic Content FIT eligibility

Ontario: Just how important is “home advantage” to players in the renewable energy sector? It could be a game changer, according to Japan and the European Union, both of which have brought complaints against Canada for violating the rules of fair competition.

Energy independence

Off-grid PV: Phocos designs and manufactures solar charge controllers for off-grid solar systems as well as power-saving DC appliances such as lamps and cooling devices. The following article from Phocos describes four different applications of the plug and play Pico light and power system.

Fight for survival

German solar industry: In the wake of bankruptcies and millions in losses, German solar PV manufacturers are down but far from out. Now is the time for specialists and high-tech companies to shine.

“Yes, we are jealous”

Eco lodges as models: Residents of the off-grid village Akwidaa in Ghana are impressed by the PV panels at the nearby eco lodges. Though they pin their hopes on getting “real” electricity from the grid, they are excited about the prospect of an NGO solar project.

From power converter to energy manager

Self-consumption: Inverter manufacturers are responding to this new market segment. Some are equipping their devices to control electrical loads. Some are even including weather forecasts. Others are building complete systems and integrating battery storage systems. All in an effort to increase the rate of self-consumption.

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